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Ennegreciendo Wikipedia
The multilingual wikipedian project Ennegreciendo Wikipedia/Noircir Wikipédia (Blackening Wikipedia in ES and FR) A website bringing together the news and development the three projets that have been created.,, and
start dateAugust 20th
start year2020
end dateSeptember 15th
end year2020
budget (local currency)1'800.- CHF swiss francs
budget (USD)1'965,93 US$
grant typea group
contact(s)• negrawikipedia(_AT_) Ennegreciendo Wikipedia and Noircir Wikipédia WebsiteGalahmm
organization (if applicable)• Ennegreciendo Wikipedia / Noircir Wikipédia

Logo ennegreciendo wikipedia.png Logo noircir wikipedia.png Ennegreciendo wikidata logo.png

Project Goals[edit]

The goal of this rapid grant is to have a global intuitive website for the Blackening Wikipedia works in the wikimedia movement. It will be a support for explaining our work in wikimedia to future new contributors in the movement, and also to new partner (generally cultural partners but not only) with whom we organize editathons.

Project Plan[edit]


What is your promotion plan?[edit]

This website will be intuitive. It will be used as a first approach of what we do in the Wikimedia movement, without frightening new contributors for whom the the wiki pages are complicated to understand and often with too much content. We will centralize the information, talk about the current and future work of our projects and their progress.

The plan is to design website for the global Blackening Wikipedia projects on the wikimedia movement. Indeed, Blackening Wikipedia exists in:

Here is a draft of the sections we are thinking of: about us, issues, initiatives, blog, resources, media, join us.

In the future we can invite contributors of Blackening Wikipedia to create entries on the blog or news section. In the resources we plan to make available the videos of the webinars in Spanish and French of how to upload in Wikimedia Commons and how to start editing on Wikidata.

How will you let your community know about the promotion campaign?[edit]

The website will be promoted in our calling/"business" card, in the roll-ups used at the face-to-face events, in facebook, in the e-mail campaigns, on the websites of cultural and institutional places that host our workshops and partners as Magasins des Horizons (see example here).

Do you have any experience in promoting Wikimedia projects either offline or online?[edit]

Blackening Wikipedia in French, Spanish and Catalan has 2 years of experience promoting online and offline events.

What is your post-promotion plan?[edit]

Mid-september 2020 we will start our third season of editathons based online, in Paris, in Geneva, in Colombia and in Guyane. The idea is to have a website that follows us during these activities.

Additional info[edit]

AfricanadeCuba and Galahmm are on the process of creating a joint bank account. Hopefully if this grant is approved it will be transfered in this new joint account aimed for the Blackening Wikipedia grants.


August 20: sending the description of the requirements to the designer. It will be the same Cuban designer that did the work for the first rapid grant. see commons:File:Noircir Wikipédia cabezal fb.jpg and commons:File:Wikimedia Projects in Blackening Wikipedia template.jpg

September 15: end of the design

September 15 - September 30: meetings AfricanadeCuba and Galahmm for inserting the content

October 1 - October 10: report with website ready



Resources we have:

  1. Galahmm and AfricanadeCuba will start writing the content of the website.
  2. We have already the style guide designed through the first rapid grant of the project here

Resources we need:

  1. graphic design of the website
  2. fees for the hosting of the web page.


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