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Wikimedia - Wiktionary -Etymologies
At a major local coworking space, I am giving a talk on the Wikimedia Foundation, Wiktionary, and a tool I am developing using etymology sections in Wiktionary. I would like to create a local Wiktionary community to edit the Italian Wikizionario and the English Wiktionary adding/editing entries both in Italian and in local dialects (Sicilian and Neapolitan) together with their etymologies. At the mean time I'll describe the tool I am developing, etytree, to visualize the etymological tree of words using data extracted from Wiktionary. The general topic of the meeting is the internet of things, open source and community. Impact Hub Bari is part of a large international network of coworking spaces a Impact Hub and the largest coworking space in the region.
targetEnglish Wiktionary, Italian Wikizionario, etytree tool
start dateApril 18th
end dateApril 18th
budget (local currency)65 euro
budget (USD)69 dollars
grant typeindividual

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Project Goal[edit]

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  1. Doing dissemination about Wiktionary and Wikizionario, also focusing on local dialects (Tarantino, Sicilian, Neapolitan)
  2. Attract new users and editors on Wiktionary and Wikizionario
  3. Doing dissemination about the etytree tool

Project Plan[edit]


  • What is the purpose of the meeting and why is it important to your community?

The purpose of the meeting is trying to create a local community of users and editors. During the meeting I will also present my own tool etytree developed within the Wikimedia Foundation. The presentation will be preceded by a description of Wikimedia projects, focusing on Wiktionary and Wikizionario. I will explain how to add/edit content and I'll also show how local dialects are represented in Wiktionary and Wikizionario. Then I will explain how etytree works and how users can contribute to Wiktionary to improve its content using etytree.

  • How will you let participants know about the meeting?

The event is advertised by the coworking space through its network of followers on social media (see for example their Facebook page with almost 12000 followers). Facebook event page and the Eventbrite event page therein.

  • How will you keep participants engaged after the meeting is over?

I will create a mailing list and keep subscribers updated about events and meetings.


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  • Number of total participants: 30
  • Number of people who will help organize the event: 2


  1. food: 5 pizzas (one pizza - focaccia is about 7 euros) = 35 euro
  2. drinks: 25 beers + 5 sodas (about 1 euro each) = 30 euro