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Wikimedia Community User Group Malta/Wikipedia 20 in Malta
This proposal aims to celebrate Wikipedia's 20th anniversary through the creation of a series of vital articles in Maltese-language Wikipedia
targetmt.wikipedia (Maltese-language Wikipedia)
start date26 December
end date9 April
budget (local currency)€1200
budget (USD)1418.15
grant typeOrganisation
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• neville.borg(_AT_)• toni.sant(_AT_)
organization (if applicable)Wikimedia Community User Group Malta
website (if applicable)Wiki Community Malta website
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Project Plan[edit]


  1. What kind of event(s) or activities are you planning to hold for your Wikipedia 20 event? Please let us know if these events include a meetup, edit-a-thons, workshops, photowalks, contests, or any kind of campaign.
    This event will include a series of online edit-a-thons intended to create, edit and translate a series of vital articles in mt.wikipedia. These edit-a-thons will take place across 20 separate days, beginning in January and ending in March 2021. 20 topics will be selected, each containing 20 vital articles which either have not yet been created in mt.wikipedia or are in need of significant editing and improvement. In this way, a total of 400 vital articles will be targeted throughout this project.
  2. If participants will be contributing to Wikimedia projects (such as in an edit-a-thon), do you have experienced Wikimedia editors to lead the event? (If you are not doing this kind of event, please write N/A or leave the section below blank)
    The edit-a-thons will be led by experienced Wikimedia editors, most notably ToniSant and Nevborg. Both currently are administrators on mt.wikipedia and have experience in leading edit-a-thons organised by Wikimedia Community User Group Malta across various other projects (including Wiki Loves Monuments, Art+Feminism, and CEE Spring). Other experienced editors from Wikimedia Community User Group Malta will also participate in the edit-a-thons, ensuring appropriate support for all attendees.
  3. If participants will be contributing to Wikimedia projects (such as in an edit-a-thon), do participants have the equipment or skills needed to participate and contribute high quality content? If not, how will you support them? (If you are not doing this kind of event, please write N/A or leave the section below blank)
    All edit-a-thons will take place virtually, so no additional equipment is required. It is expected that most participants will already possess sufficient editing skills, as they have participated in previous workshops and edit-a-thons organised by Wikimedia Community User Group Malta, which have included Wikipedia editing training workshops. Nonetheless, inexperienced editors will be given appropriate guidance, training, and support to ensure that they are able to contribute fully and develop the necessary skills to create/translate and/or edit good quality articles.
  4. How will you promote and let participants know about your Wikipedia 20 event? Please describe or link to the spaces you will be using to inform your community about your activities. Please note there are resources available to support your communications for Wikipedia 20 events.
    Events related to this project will be advertised through social media, particularly through Wikimedia Community User Group Malta's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. The Wikipedia 20 brand illustrations will be used to promote edit-a-thons and entice editors to join. Events will also be announced through mt.wikipedia's version of the Village pump (known as Pjazza) and through direct, word-of-mouth engagement with mt.wikipedia editors, within Covid-19 safety guidelines. Furthermore, a printed brochure/information booklet about the on-going activities and projects of Wikimedia Community User Group Malta will be created to engage a broader audience both during the Wikipedia 20 campaign and in its immediate aftermath.
  5. How will you keep participants engaged after the event is over? How will you be sharing photos, videos, or other content from your activities after they are completed?
    Gift tokens will be awarded to 20 participants who adopt 20 articles, i.e. coordinates the writing/editing of 20 articles from the official list of vital articles on mt.wikipedia. This will help strengthen the sense of community among our community volunteers, especially as we leverage participation in Wikipedia 20 towards Art+Feminism in March 2021 and CEE Spring 2021. We will also continue to promote content from mt.wikipedia created during the Wikipedia 20 through social media and a weekly radio show on the University of Malta's radio station.
  6. Are you running any in-person events or activities? If so, you will need to complete the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment protocol related to COVID-19. When you have completed these steps, please provide a link to your completed copy of the risk assessment tool below:
    N/A (all events will be held online)
  7. Please confirm below that you have listed your event on the WP20 page on Meta-wiki.
    Yes, it's listed here.
  8. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?
Edit-a-thons are planned according to the following schedule. These amount to a total of 20 days of editing:
  • 11-15 January 2021 daily edit-a-thons with training opportunities led by experienced contributors
  • 18-22 January 2021 daily edit-a-thons with training opportunities led by experienced contributors
  • 25-29 January 2021 daily edit-a-thons with training opportunities led by experienced contributors
  • 4+11+18+25 February 2021 weekly edit-a-thons
  • 4 March 2021 - final edit-a-thon

Articles that are created/edited (especially those created through machine translation) will be subject to professional copy-editing/proofreading. We are planning to collaborate with a local voluntary organisation specialising in proofreading (a non-profit association of proofreaders) to engage professional copy-editors and proofreaders for this purpose. This will ensure that the articles created are of a high linguistic standard and written in the appropriate encyclopedic tone.

A final (online) public presentation will be held on 25 March 2021 in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster, a local public cultural organisation with whom Wikimedia Community User Group Malta has established a Wikimedian-in-residence programme from September 2020 until August 2021. This presentation will focus on the outcomes of Wikipedia 20 in Malta. This will also be an opportunity for us to engage the same editors who participate in Wikipedia 20 in Malta during our Art+Feminism and CEE Spring 2021 campaigns, which starts that same month. The presentation will be video recorded and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, and it will also made available through YouTube and social media under a CC-by-SA license.


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more specific to your project:

  1. Number of total participants: 20
  2. Number of new participants: 10
  3. Number of people who will help organize the event: 4
  4. Number of articles created or improved (if applicable): 400
Contributions to the Wikipedia 20 campaign on mt.wikipedia will be measured via the Programs and Events Dashboard.

If you are organizing a meetup or event without any contributions to celebrate Wikipedia 20, we request that you ask participants to complete a brief survey to understand their experience and impact of your event. This survey will not request any personally identifying information. Will you be able to collect this information either during or after your event? (If you are not doing this kind of event, please write N/A or leave the section below blank)


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

Wikimedia Community User Group Malta has access to all the necessary technical and human resources to organize online edit-a-thons and training workshops, which are delivered by long-standing active members of the user group. There is no additional funding that we will be receiving directly for Wikipedia 20, beyond the grant covered by this application. However, resources allocated to an ongoing Wikimedian-in-Residence program (September 2020 - August 2021) with the Valletta Design Cluster, a new Malta-based public cultural organization, will provide in-kind support to the Wikipedia 20 campaign and events in Malta. Furthermore, in-kind support is provided by the Language Office of the European Commission Representative Office in Malta in terms of engaging with translators and the professional Maltese translation sector, particularly in developing a meaningful working relationship with Għaqda Qarrejja tal-Provi tal-Malti, a Malta-registered non-profit association of proofreaders, with whom we intend to develop a sustainable strategy to ensure significant improvement in the quality of language on mt.wikipedia.

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

  • 20 gift tokens at €20 each = €400
  • Online advertising = €100
  • Information brochure design and printing = €200
  • Copy-editing/proofreading services (including training) = €500
  • Total = €1,200


Endorsements are not needed for events related to Wikipedia 20. Community members are welcome to provide feedback or questions on the talk page.