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Project team[edit]

Florence Devouard
Wikipedian since 2002, former Chair of Wikimedia Foundation and founding member of Wikimedia France. Since 2013, Florence is the leader of projects related to Wikipedia and Africa, such as Wiki Loves Africa (photographic contest in Africa), Kumusha Takes Wiki (citizen journalism to collect and create freely-licensed content in Africa), or Wiki Loves Women (content liberation project related to African Women). She also participated as Scientific Collaborator at SUSPI to the Wikipedia Primary School SSAJRP research programme (developing and evaluating a system to assess Wikipedia articles for primary education in South Africa).

Username: Anthere (talk)

Isla Haddow-Flood

A Zimbabwean by birth, and a Capetonian by adoption, Oxford-educated Isla Haddow-Flood is a writer, editor and project strategist who is passionate about harnessing communication technology and media platforms for the advancement of open access to knowledge; specifically, knowledge that relates to and enhances the understanding of Africa via the Open Movement (and especially Wikipedia).

Username: Islahaddow (talk)

Uganda team[edit]

Geoffrey Kateregga
Geoffrey Kateregga is an Open Data advocate, Wikimedian, GIS Specialist and OpenStreetMapper in Uganda. Geoffrey is a community builder for open source and open data communities in Africa. As a Wikimedian in Uganda and Tanzania, he has actively participated in Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Monuments projects and now Wiki Loves Women 2018.

Username: Kateregga1 (talk)

Erina Mukuta
Erina Mukuta is a wikimedian in the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda.She has been part of several projects to increase content and knowledge sharing In Uganda through sensitization and training since the year 2014. These projects include Kumusha Take wiki, Promoting Open Education Resources in Uganda Schools, Wiki loves africa, wiki loves monuments and Increasing content on the luganda Wikipedia.

Username: Erinamukuta (talk)

Alice Kibombo
Alice Kibombo is part of the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda. She has participated in a number of projects most notably Wiki Loves Africa 2017 ,Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 and currently Wiki Loves Women 2018..

Username: AKibombo (talk)

Mulumba Ivan Matthias
Mulumba is a Uganda writer and valuation surveyor. He has been an editor on wikipedia since 2012. He has been a member of the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda that has been teaching, and sensitizing different groups since 2014, to improve Ugandan content on Wikipedia. He has been part of 'Wiki loves africa','Kumusha Take wiki project' and wiki loves monuments.

Bukulu Steven
Bukulu is an open source enthusiast who has participated on annual Wikimedia projects such as Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Monuments and now Wiki Loves Women as part of the National organizers with key roles such as a trainer (training new users on how to edit or contribute to Wikipedia via text and in media format). He's been part of this open source movement since 2014 recruiting passionate content writers / makers to Wikipedia. Current hes working at a radio station in western Uganda and part of Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda.

Username: Bukulu Steven (talk)

Tanzania team[edit]

Maryam Mgonja
Maryam is a Technology enthusiast, advocate for Women inclusion in Technology, A coach, a mentor and a wikimedian since 2015. Maryam travels in Africa to search for the most promising entrepreneurs in emerging markets and also has a record for organizing Wiki Loves Africa for three years in Tanzania. Maryam is now leading the Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania and is looking forward to take part in Wiki Loves Monuments this year's edition.

Username: Maryam Mgonja (talk)

Iddy John
A software artist, travel photographer and tech travel entrepreneur. Eid has been a mentor of photography and contributes in Wikimedia projects since 2015, from Wiki Loves Africa project. Eid isa assistant lead, media and partnership liaison on Wiki Loves Women Tanzania and also a coordinator on Wiki Loves Monuments Tanzania.

Username: Iddy John (talk)

Antoni Mtavangu
Antoni Mtavangu is a Wikimedian and a Cofounder of Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania. Since 2016 he has been creating, increasing awareness of Wikimedia projects in Tanzania through organizing weekly meetups, Wikipedia editathons and Wikipedia workshops. His interest is editing and adding Tanzania related contents in both English and Swahili wikis with much focus in Wikipedia ya Kiswahili. He has also been participating in various Wikimedia projects such as Wikiloves Africa 2017, WikiGap 2018 and currently Wiki Loves Women 2018.
Username: Antoni Mtavangu (talk)