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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Armine Aghayan

Wikimedia Armenia


Talking about Wikimaia 2018 at Summer Wikicamp 2018 in Tsakhkadzor

For me Wikimania is a big opportunity to meet the members of this big and creative family from all over the world, to see and share with old friends, to acquire new friends and collaborations, to learn something new which can be useful for my home wiki community.

GLAM, Wikidata + Wikidata/Queries Tutorial + Lexemes, Gender gap sessions are and continue to be essential for me, as anything learned at wikimania will be used while doing workshops for Armenian teachers and museum workers. Inspired with other wikimedians and chapters I will start collaboration with American Corner Yerevan, to start a workshop, edith-a-thon at the museums.

I will share my wikimania experiences (some slides will cover preconference, main event, activities and will focus on Bridging knowledge gaps: the Ubuntu way forward theme) with WikiClub Vanashen, which is near my home town on August 16, and with wikieditors who wil participate at WikiCamp during August 17-28.

Inter WikiWomen[edit]

Inter WikiWomen Collaboration-2

Inter WikiWomen Collaboration started during Wikimania 2017, will start an international collaboration-2 to fill gender gap. Last year Camelia Boban, from Italy, Andrea Patricia Kleiman from Argentina and I started to work together with our communities to fill gender gap. This year new communities came to join us. During learning days-1 I got acquated with Georges Fodouop from Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group and they will be part of this collaboration. During Wiki Women Lunch, one of my beloved wikipedians Waala Abdel Manaem wanted to do collaboration on women topics, so on August 15 to August 31 the Italian, Argentinian, Armenian, Egyptian and Cameroon (some more communities might join as well since we welcome all the communities who want to join the collaboration) communities will write about the prominent women from these countries.

On women topics I shared some materials with Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasive about 10 Armenian women first in their spheres. Filling gender gap collaboration will continue with Wikimedia Nepal, Javanese Wikiwedia Community, Wikimedia Ghana User Group, Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda.


Education + GLAM[edit]

During preconference days I made a lightening talk entitled GLAM Partnerships: from Catalogues to Wikidata where I talked about how some museums in Armenia brought the physical catalogues of their art collections into wikidata thus making a good database for them.


I had a talk to Pharos to bring into Wikipeida and other sister projects the remarkable artistic and cultural achievements of the Armenian people from the Armenian collections: the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin; the Matenadaran (Ancient Manuscripts); the National History Museum in the Republic of Armenia the objetcs that will be exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York in September, 2018.

Water sustainability edit-a-thons[edit]

Sparrow, Ruben Ojeda and Armine from Armenia at Water sustainability edit-a-thon

Together with other wikipedians I created Cape Town water crisis artcile in hy wiki.

Help desk[edit]

Helpdesk for new editors

On July 20 I was a volunteer at help desk where I had the pleasure to meet wikipedians from Ghana Wikimedia User group Justice Okai-Allotey, User:Balajijagadesh. We made a list of mails of wikipedians who need any wiki help.

CEE table[edit]

At CEE table we presented some stuff from my home wiki (booklets, brochures, pins, chocolates), and on the occasion of the 2800 anniversary of Yerevan made a questionnaire which brought 9 winners who got nice wiki T-shirt from Wikimedia Armenia.

Anything else[edit]

WikiWomen support photo -FreeLoujain

During wikimania I took some photos of African majestic nature, wikimanics, preconference events, presentations, Wikimedia cuteness association members which can be find here.

Filled with ubuntu spirit I started my 11th 100wikidays devoted to South Africa Փուլ 11 South Africa.

During Wikimania days I was trying not to lose my #OneWomanADay campaign, but on July 23 I had no connection so after day 213 I started new circle of #OneWomanADay on July 25 with the article about Saudi women's rights activist, the woman who dared to drive in Saudi Arabia before the ban was lifted, Loujain al-Hathloul to support her, during Wikimania some friends were wearing T-shirts with her portrait, and during Wiki Women Lunch women took a photo with #FreeLoujain poster.

On July 17 together with 18 wikipedians we visited Boulders Beach, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point, Table Mountain, on July 24 before departure enjoyed the green lands of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

I want to thank Wikimedia Foundation for providing me opportunity to be part of the event, Wikimedia South Africa, the whole team for such a nice and good Wikimania with ubuntu spirit.