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Grants talk:APG/Proposals/2012-2013 round2/Wikimedia Hong Kong

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Change to the total amount requested[edit]

Wikimedia Hong Kong has requested to change the total amount requested from the FDC to HK$1,650,950 / US$211,660.26, and this change has been approved by FDC Staff. This amount was misreported in the original proposal form because of an accounting error. Please see the discussion page of the proposal form for more details about the change. Regards, Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 23:33, 25 March 2013 (UTC)Reply

Alternative options[edit]

I know it takes a lot of time to handle such paperwork; thank you for your efforts. Now that you've done this once, it may be easier to present a simpler variation.

Here is one idea (just a personal comment from me) for what you might do next to support projects in HK and help you set up a small office:

  • Confirm how much was left over from the earlier educational grant. (Answer on the talk page of that grant.)
  • Apply to the GAC for a smaller grant, including limited staff support (possibly as contractors, or as staff for a limited-time project). You can reuse part of the FDC proposal.
  • Start drafting a proposal for the next FDC cycle -- which will have a longer period of discussion around a letter of intent. Again, you can reuse part of the current proposal, incorporating feedback.

SJ talk  23:15, 30 April 2013 (UTC)Reply

Updated -- one option for a limited-time project would be "Wikimania followup" to handle the media attention and partnership opportunities before and after the conference. SJ talk  14:22, 16 May 2013 (UTC)Reply

Thanks for your creativity, SJ. But frankly, we DO NOT see such fesible alternative, as most of cost for chapter-survival (paid staff, audit cost) either lay in long term paid staff, or concurrent expenditure. Even your dear grant adiminstrator can block us on spending the previous remain fund on concurrent expenditure like audit cost. If we cannot finish the audit report, it is a criminal offence, and the whole board can be get sued & fined by the HK gov't [1] [2]. So what can we do? Yes, the FDC decision just force us to disband the chapter. Thank you -- ※ JéRRy ~ 雨雨  ※  Was?  ※  18:36, 17 May 2013 (UTC)Reply