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WMF comments[edit]

Dear @Nirjal stha:, Thank you for submitting this proposal! We are very happy to explore the opportunity to support you in hosting the WikiCamp Nepal 2020.

Your proposal has many strengths to highlight. I especially appreciated the outreach efforts to reach out to academic contributors.

I reviewed your proposal, and have some follow up questions and comments to offer as a part of staff review:

Survey analysis

  • As the community can grow and change quite a lot in 2 years, the survey from 2018 will probably not be as relevant for this event. As the application guide indicates, conducting a Community Engagement Survey is a core requirement for any conference grant proposal.

Although we fully acknowledge the importance of the WikiCamp Nepal 2020, in order to support the conference, we need to be sure there is a real need for it. The survey is one of our ways to ensure that, to understand what the community is asking to focus on, their priorities and challenges, and also, a significant part of the goals and impact assessment. Do you have any up-to-date data to support this? Please note that a grant proposal that does not include a community input survey, will not be eligible for funding.

  • Please provide a survey analysis by identifying the consensus around shared goals most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve those goals (question #2).
  • You listed "Sustainable development" as a core activity, and gender gap, diversity and sustainability to be the priorities from past events. Could you please share more specific details on the progress made in those areas? What kind of projects did you have to tackle? Are there any outcomes to report on?

Plan - How far is the airport from the venue?


  • You also mentioned students and educators to be involved. How will you engage with them? What will be their role at the event and how will you reach out to them?
  • What is the program design outline for the pre-event/main event parts? What are you planning for the ‘wikipedia education program’ day? Will this be a more of a ‘hands on’ day for training, or will it be on a regular conference format?
  • Would the students and educators attend the other 2 days as well? What is the goal of inviting them? What will they benefit from attending, and what will the community benefit from? Please provide more details so we can better understand the goals and outcomes of each part.
  • The goals of the events are not very clear at the moment. Neither are the objectives and outcomes. Please identify the key goals and objectives in a measurable way. What exactly are you hoping to achieve? What will success look like?


  • Will all students and educators be local?
  • What will be your criteria for scholarship recipients?

Core team - What roles will the core team take upon?

Risks - Please identify and analyze potential risks and the ways to resolve them.

Budget - What are the costs related to the ‘Guests’ budget item - are those travel costs? Or something else?

When you're able, please respond to the questions above and revise the proposal as needed. These revisions will be due by 27 February 2020, after which the Conference Grant Committee will begin formal review of the proposal.

Thank you again for your significant role in supporting your community! Best, CAlmog (WMF) (talk) 01:25, 21 February 2020 (UTC)

Response on WMF Comments[edit]

@CAlmog (WMF): Hi Chen, thanks for the comments and questions. We have conducted the community engagement survey and added the result in the respective section in the proposal. The goals and outcomes has also been added in the proposal. The response on your comments are:

Response on Survey Analysis:

1. Report Community engagement survey for WikiCamp Nepal 2020 conducted between 22 February 2020 to 25 February 2020.

community Engagement Survey Report for WCN 2020

2. survey analysis by identifying the consensus around shared goals most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve those goals: Updated in the grant proposal. Link: Community Input
3. Updated in the grant proposal. Link: context

Response on plan:
Actually, we haven’t confirmed the venue yet. As choosing a venue is one of the important matters, we have proposed three best options which will later be decided by the concerned committee. The options are likewise: Kathmandu & Pokhara - Venue will be less than 30 minutes away from the airport via any public transport. Palpa - Venue will be 3 hours away from the airport.

Response on Participation:
1. Yes, there will be a one-day event for students and educators to discuss the role of Wikimedia projects in Education and the impact of Wikimedia projects in teaching methodology. This event will be organized as a pre event to a national level conference where few experienced wikimedians from various communities will participate. This event will be divided into two parts: one will be a seminar to students on Wikimedia in Education and second will be a discussion with educators on the impact of the Wikimedia project in education and teaching methodology where students will also participate.
2. The pre-event part is a one-day event for students and educators whereas the main-event part is a national level conference. We are planning one-day open seminar for the ‘Wikimedia education program’ day. It will be open to interested students and educators. It will be an open call to participate in the seminar. Participating Schools and scholarship committee will finalize the list of participants based on the available space in the seminar hall.
3. No, students and educators will only participate in the pre-event seminar “Wikimedia in Education program”. They will not participate in the national level conference.
4. Updated in the grant proposal. Link: Goals and outcomes

Response on Scholarships:
1. We will invite students and educators from various local educational institutions to discuss how Wikimedia projects can help in education for students and teaching method for educators. To achieve this we are planning to conduct a one-day open seminar in which students and educators can participate free of cost. The seminar will focus on education and Wikimedia Projects.
2. Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee will prioritize scholarships to volunteers and affiliate members based on the following criteria;.
a. Contribution above the threshold specified by the scholarship committee.
b. Off wiki and on-wiki activities of the applicant.
c. Contribution towards the movement.
d. Contribution in various events organized by the Wikimedia communities of Nepal.

Response on Core Team:
Core team is the main organizing team of this event which will facilitate on a grant proposal, community survey and formation of various committees as specified in the grant proposal. Later on, the responsibilities will be handed over to the respective committees to achieve the teamwork and make a successful event.

Response on Risk:
Updated in the grant proposal. Link:Risks

Response on Budget:
The costs related to the ‘Guests’ budget item includes travel costs and accommodation costs of the guest invited in the conference.
--- nShrestha (talk) 16:44, 27 February 2020 (UTC)