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Comments from WMF[edit]

Hello Sorora e.V, thanks for submitting this Rapid Grant request. We are excited about the activities you plan to carry out in terms of the Berlin Feminist project! I’ve reviewed the application and have some questions that I’d like you to answer:

  • Do you have any experienced Wikimedians who will support the organizers and other participants in training in Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons? We need to make sure that you have experienced Wikimedians in the team in order to move forward with this grant request.

We don't have much experience, it's our first project and we want to improve while doing it. We have the support from Melissa Tamani Becerra and Paula Domínguez Font from Art + Feminism Latin America, and they can be our experts for the Edit-a-thon. And we have support also from Rosa Paardenkooper from Art + Feminism Europa. Please noted that we will need support for the last part of the project: the edit-a-thon.

  • How will you make sure that the key sites you are planning to photograph are not subject to copyright?

We will select public places, buildings, and artworks under the "Freedom of panorama".

  • What is the target language in which you plan to edit Wikipedia articles? Could you provide some examples of the articles you will be improving in terms of this project?

Mainly in Spanish. We work in partnership with several feminist organizations in Berlin as Ni una Menos Berlin, Xochicuicatl e.V. Berlin, Vierte Welle Festival, Karne Kunst, Sorora e.V. All are Diaspora Organizations and works with people with migrant background mostly Spanish-speaking people. But we will invite the volunteer of the Edit-a-thon to write or translate to English and German also. You can see our preliminary research of articles to improve or translate here:

1 Die Frauenrechtlerinnen (EN) fewer details, but it expands in time until the second wave (after the division of Germany after the 2GM) (ES) Translate

2 Anita Augspurg (EN) // EN // ES // ES

3 Marie Stritt DE // ES (To improve. Information missing)

4 Lily von Gizyck DE // EN (To improve. Information missing) ES (To improve. Information missing)

5 Minna Cauer DE (To improve. Information missing) Possible contest place to visit. EN (To improve. Information missing) ES (To improve. Information missing)

6 Sophia Gouldstikker EN (To improve. Information missing )The "boheme" is not mentioned but they do mention her career. ES: Translate 7 WIKIPEDIA: WOMEN IN BERLIN On feminism and its waves: (DE) EN (To improve. Information missing ) Es. Translate

8 Die Führerinnen der Frauenbewegung in DE DE: EN: TRanslate Es: Translate

9 Marie Calm (DE) (EN) (To improve. Information missing )

10 Henriette Goldschmidt DE) EN Es Translate

  • How will you evaluate the contributions of participants and who will select the contest winners?

Our partner organization Karne Kunst will provide the judges for the contest. They have big experience in art and culture. (

  • We now require all grantees to announce their projects and receive the Wikimedia community feedback in advance. Could you please announce this project and grant on the relevant community pages on the target wikis? Community notification may be most appropriate on a village pump, talk page, or mailing list. Please paste a link into the proposal page to where the relevant communities have been notified of this proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.

As I said before this a new project for us. We didn't know about this, but we are working to involve the Wikimedia Community. For the moment we only talked with the Art and Feminism community, but I think this is not enough. We are working.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, DSaroyan (WMF) (talk) 13:08, 18 February 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

If you have further questions, please let us know. Best regards, Marcela