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CIS-A2K/Work plan July 2015 - June 2016/TTT Program

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CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
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Work plan July 2015 - June 2016

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As part of CIS-A2K efforts to further strengthen Wikimedia volunteers in India, the team will organise Train the Trainer Program.

The program will help build capacity and enable community members to conduct outreach sessions independently or with minimal support to introduce Wikipedia to prospective editors in their respective Indian languages. Participants will be trained on various aspects such as presenting with impact, engaging with the audience, significance of body language, outreach follow ups etc. Program will also include groups discussions on ideas, learnings, challenges faced during outreach sessions.

Work Done so Far[edit]

TTT 2015 Participants at Janapada Loka on GLAM visit
Senior Indic Wikimedians Bhaskaranaidu and Narayanan V.T presenting a memento to Ravishankar Ayakunnu on behalf of the CIS-A2K team

A four day training program was organised by CIS-A2K during 2013 and 2015, details of which can be found here and here. The TTT 2015 was successfully executed and 30 Indian Wikimedians from across 14 Indic language communities took part in this program. Based on the learning and experience of executing the project for two years CIS-A2K intends to tweak the program design further to serve the Indic Wikimedians better and will continue to conduct TTT in the coming plan year and hope to reach out to 30 active Indic Wikimedia volunteers as core trainers and further extend support to these trainers to conduct outreach activities.

As part of Train the Trainer 2015 held at Bangalore, participants from Punjab, West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Goa and Nepal were trained on effectively organising Wikipedia training workshops, soft skills and wikipedia skills. Some of the key highlights of the event are:

  • 28 Wikipedians across India and 1 Wikimedian from Nepal attended the TTT 2015 program.
  • Many multilingual collaborative projects between Indian language communities have taken shape during the TTT.
  • TTT 2015 provided an opportunity for peer learning from other Indic communities and assimilating the best practices.
  • A lot of buzz has been created by the participants of TTT 2015 regarding exploring new projects, and conducting GLAM activities in their language communities.

Implementation Plan[edit]

Celebrating Marathi Bhasha Divas at TTT 2015
  • CIS-A2K will review the design of the TTT based on the feedback that was collected during TTT 2015.
  • We will institute a continuous mentor support to all TTT participants to maximise the impact of the TTT.
  • Mirrored learning will be explored as a strategy to further groom the TTT participants after the workshop, whereby the participants will be able to see and learn from the outreach sessions done by an experienced Wikimedian or Professional.
  • Documentation of the learning and challenges of TTT participants will be actively captured and shared with the larger community.

Projected Outcomes[edit]

Participants discussing their work at TTT 2015, Bangalore
  • Provide training on presentation skills and outreach opportunities for at least 30 participants from across 10 Indic language communities.
  • Help participants infuse lessons learnt into their outreach and community activities.
  • Seed outreach leadership in at least 10 Indic Wikimedia communities that could have a long term ripple effect on the growth of the volunteer community and the associated Wikimedia projects.
  • Build on the activities of the trained community volunteers and help them create a ripple effect for better dissemination of activities.
  • Create platforms for Indic language Wikimedia volunteers to interact and to provide a idea exchange opportunity that could lead to the development of multilingual collaborative projects on Wikimedia platforms.


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Expenditure Item FDC Support (INR) FDC Support (US$) Other Sources and in kind Support (INR) Other Sources and in kind Support (US$)
1 PA x 20% * 60,000/- 969.60 - -
1 PO X 25% ** 165,000/- 2,666.40 - -
1 PD x 5% *** 79,200/- 1,279.87 40,800/- 659.33
Travel and Stay **** 150,000/- 2,424.00 - -
Volunteer Support 550,000/- 8,888.00 -
Events/Meet-ups/Workshops 110,000/- 1,777.60 50,000/- 808.00
Consultant (Resource Person/Intern) 60,000/- 969.60 - -
Consumables/Printing/Stationery/Swag 20,000/- 323.20 - -
Miscellaneous 20,000/- 323.20 - -
Total 1,214,200/- 19,621.47 40,800/- 659.33

* 20% time of Tito Dutta as Program Associate consultant who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K
** 25% time of Tanveer Hasan as Program Officer who will anchor this plan at CIS-A2K
*** 5% of the time of Program Director, CIS-A2K
**** Expenses incurred by the CIS-A2K program team towards executing the plan