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Looking for the 2030 Movement Strategy initiatives?

Copying an earlier page from the meta-book, here are a few major categories of initiatives. Each of the nodes below has a half dozen important subprojects which should already be identified and underway. Some are identified as theoretically useful; a few are in active development.

In most cases, these important subprojects are not recognized as 'projects' per se, but are handled by one or two people in a sporadic and sparsely-documented fashion. In other cases, they exist under less cleanly-distinguished projects, or are handled by an efficient group who nevertheless have no replacements when they are preoccupied for a few weeks.

The third level of detail is growing slowly. Leaf nodes below are linked to Special interest groups here on meta; groups of people focused on a particular goal or initiative.

Please contribute thoughts, ideas, or your name and experience to groups that interest you. If you are part of groups doing this kind of creative work on meta, consider adding them to the list below; or merging one of the unclaimed topics below into them.


Classification, Organization, Metadata
  Wikipedia page medatada
Quality control, Contingency planning
  Wikipedia 1.0
  Revision review
  Interwiki link completion
Software additions?

Content creation[edit]

Contests and challenges
  Writing contests (Wikipedia, Wikinews)
  Media contests (Commons, Wikipedia)
Promotion and invitations
  Subject adoption (by departments, individuals)
Content translation
  Machine-assisted translation
  Policy & vote translation
  Content translation
Academic collaboration
  University lexicons
  Subject adoption (see "Promotion" above)

Broad projects[edit]

Project sorting and identification
  New project proposals
Wikiproject creation
  Initiatives organization (about this page)
  Wikiprojects (on various wikis)
Project interlinks
  Wiktionary fusion with other projects

Content acquisition[edit]

Integrating existing databases
  WorldCat group
  LOGOS group
Creating new databases
  Dictionary pronunciation


Publication, printing
  Poster design
Distribution channels
  Online store
  Bookstore network

Tools and Interfaces[edit]

Design, usability
  Interface design
  Search improvement
  Software integration
  Software feature requests
  Automated testing
  Hardware planning


  DVD production
  Web production
    WAP production
  Spoken Wikipedia
  Wikipedia 1.0
  Newsletters (Quartos and more)
  Wikinews in print


Related popular writing
  Readings to put you in the Wikipedia spirit
  Principles of related projects (throughout the centuries)
Philosophy of community members
  Philosophical dilemmas
  Philosophical essays
Founding principles
  Wikimedia Foundation mission statement
  Board manual

People & Groups[edit]



Research and WikiHistory 
  Site metrics 
  Wikimedia history group 
Project prioritization & dependencies
Internships, academic collaboration


Translation, multilingualism
  Translator training group
  Translation coordination group
  Embassy support group
Public Relations
Logistics, bureaucracy & paperwork


Conferences: thrown by others
Conferences: thrown by Wikimedia
  Annual conference (Wikimania)
Local SIGs and meetups
  Local meetings
  Local initiatives
Press conferences & media events
Educational lectures, tutorials, training


Legal and copyright issues
Long-term & disaster planning
Human Resources (contractors, employment, benefits)
Advisory board (selection, reporting)


Fundraising & Grants
  Fundraising efforts
  Grant organization
    (cf. representations of WM to various orgs)
Budgeting & Accounting
  Budget estimates
  Accounting and reports

Physical plants[edit]

Server clusters & locations
Offices & workspaces
Stock (gifts, collateral, publications)
  Collateral production
  see also Design

Organizational dialects[edit]

Wikimedia projects have many facets; each should be well-polished

Big government; international bureaucracies
  UN outreach
  National outreach
  Foundation outreach
NGO sector; non-profit advocacy groups  
  Non-profit outreach
Local networks
  Grassroots outreach
  City & town outreach
Educational & library networks
  Library outreach
  K-12 outreach
  university outreach
Free knowledge advocacy
  Free software outreach


Naming and identity
  Nomenclature group
Writing and translation
  Writing style
  Translation style