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Language committee/Handbook (requesters)

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This page explains the procedures for making requests for new languages. For the policy that governs such requests (including criteria for approval), see the language proposal policy. For a broader overview of the process, see Create a new Wikimedia wiki.
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Language committee
Language committee
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Making a new request

  1. Read the Language proposal policy. Requests that do not meet the policy will be rejected.
  2. Register an account or log in on Meta.
  3. Below, replace WIKIPROJECT with "Wikipedia", "Wikisource", ... and replace LANGUAGE with the language name, so it is for example "Requests for new languages/Wikipedia French".

  4. Create the page with the following template. Make sure to fill out the template and replace the examples. Preview the new page to view explanations for each field.
    {{New wiki request
    | status           = open
    | language_code    = fr
    | language_code3   = fra
    | language_English = French
    | language_native  = français
    | language_Wikidata= Q150
    | new_language     = yes/no <!-- usually yes if it's a Wikipedia, otherwise usually no -->
    | directionality   = LTR <!--LTR = "left to right"; "RTL" for right-to-left scripts.-->
    | project_English  = Wikipedia
    | project_native   = Wikipédia
    | ns_project       = 
    | ns_project_talk  = 
    | enable_upload    = no
    | logo             = File:...
    | timezone         = Continent/City
    | add_namespaces   = 
    | add_settings     = 
    | category         = <!-- for Wikisource and Wikiversity: the category of the test-project on OldWS/BetaWV -->
    == Proposal ==
    Replace this text with your opening argument in favour of the new project.
    You can also refer to external documentation or websites.
    Sign your request by ending your statement with: --~~~~
    == Discussion ==
  5. On Requests for new languages, add "{{subst:ls-newrow|Project Language name}}" (for example, "{{subst:ls-newrow|Wikipedia French}}") under "Open". "Project Language name" must match the name of the page you just created; if it adds a red link, check that you spelled it correctly (note that the page cannot be edited by anonymous or newly registered users; in that case, just wait until you are registered long enough).

Test wikis


Old template


The old template should not be added to new pages. On some old requests it is still used. Generally, there is no need to replace it with the new template. For reference, this is an example of how to use the old template:

{{New language proposal
 |language  = [[w:French language|French]] (''français'', fr ISO 639-2)
 |links     = [[incubator:Wp/fr|development wiki project]]
 |community = ???
 |external  = [http://www.pch.gc.ca/progs/ai-ia/fi-if/index_e.cfm International Francophonie]
 |url = http://fr.wikipedia.org/
 |project_name = Wikipédia
 |project_namespace = Wikipédia
 |project_talk = Discussion Wikipédia
 |logo    = Wikipedia svg logo-fr.svg
 |timezone = CET (UTC+1)



Please see translatewiki.net and incubator:Help:Manual#5 on Incubator for more information.