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Latin language user group has the goal to support projects and activities in Latin language.

Latin language has been for several centuries the lingua franca in Europe and in the Mediterranean sea and the language of culture and of the universities.

Currently is a mandatory language for employees in archives and ancient libraries and it's quite important for researchers in history and humanities.


+ Consolidate and support projects in Latin language.
+ Increase the community contributing to Latin language.
+ Advocate for better knowledge of Wikimedia projects in Latin language.


  • Support the needs of the community in Latin language
  • Organization of online events to increase the contribution
  • Attend and support offline events in latin language
  • Help and support Wikimedia projects where Latin language is used


Latin Wikipedia is one of the oldest Wikipedia. Created in May 2002, as of January 2019, it has about 130,000 articles.

At the moment there are several projects in Latin language:

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Interested in participating[edit]

Anyone interested in offline wiki use can join this group by adding their name below. We will send you sporadic updates.