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Wikidata verification-pages tool
problemHow do we get all democratic political data into Wikidata?
solutionThis tool will help political data to be easily added to Wikidata, even by new users.
created on13:14, 15 October 2018 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

The verification-pages tool simply and safely creates new information about political position holders in Wikidata, even when the source may not be completely trusted. It is a straightforward interface for new users who may not be skilled Wikidata users yet - but want to learn more. This helps experienced Wikidata users to streamline the process of adding data and brings in new users who may be intimidated by using or learning how to edit Wikidata. With further development, the tool could be repurposed for other subject areas, as a way of enabling high quality consistent and referenced data contributions from novice editors.

What is the solution?[edit]

Things to consider[edit]

  • Users need to have a Wikidata account set up with a profile including the languages they want to edit in
  • Set a good reference URL for checking politician data against. This URL will be used as the reference source for the statement added to the Wikidata item for the person expressing that they were a holder of a particular position
  • Make sure users check each statement against the reference URL to be sure that it’s correct

When to use[edit]

  • When teaching new users to edit Wikidata
  • When entering data about political position holders into Wikidata
  • When looking for tools to potentially rework for a more general use case


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