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cf Mac user Wikipedians, BSD user Wikipedians


  • Binadot - currently on a dual boot between Windows and ArkLinux, and as soon as I back up my files, I'm getting rid of Windows.


  • Zisa (I love Macs but when I have to use a Pc i prefer using Debian, FreeBSD and Redhat)
  • Eloquence - because it allows me to handle information more efficiently, and I'm not in any way dependent on the actions of a single company (I use Debian)
  • Elric of Grans - Debian at home; Ubuntu at work. You have to love apt!
  • Youssefsan - Debian. Apt-get is cool. Hope that the Linux section on Wikipedia will grow
  • General Wesc - Debian.
  • Yann Debian (after trying everything else ;o) ). Linux since 1997.
  • stw SuSE -> LFS -> Debian (apt rules!)
  • R4f Debian as often as possible, Mandrake under torture
  • zeno Debian GNU/Linux. Everywhere.
  • Yves (Brazil)- Debian GNU/Linux.
  • Claudine I have two old PCs running Debian, unfortunately they're not connected to the internet so most of my Wikipedia work is done on a bigger, faster PC running Win2k. Can I still count?
  • grin (I started with SLS, and ended with Debian. Many Debians. Plenty of Debians, actually. There ain't no computer under my power contain infected pieces from the Evil Bill. Freedom is life.)
  • Jimregan Debian and Mandrake
  • Guaka Debian and Gentoo
  • Jeffrey Smith: Currently using Debian GNU/Linux, unstable branch. Also own a Zaurus running the OpenZaurus ROM. Former Mandrake user.
  • Audin: Always and on everything. For freedom, understandability, and efficiency reasons. Debian.
  • matusz: Debian
  • Tualha: Slackware, then Red Hat, then Debian, then removed Windows :)
  • paullusmagnus: Debian, on account of the reccomendations above.
  • Ploum's Debian on two PC, Knoppix (fr) on a PC, MoviX2 on my movies PC (with video projector). Orginally tested Red Hat (bof!) and a few others I didn't really like.
  • Profoss Debian all the way!
  • Ravn - All systems running Debian.
  • Fire - 2x Debian (after testing SuSe, FreeBSD)
  • Hashar - debian-testing
  • Chopinhauer - Debian testing, now Sarge
  • Chris K. Young (my laptop runs on Debian, but my main machines run OpenBSD)
  • Sam Hocevar - Debian developer.
  • FrankB -- A Debian user
  • IulianU - Debian or derivatives thereof, e.g. MEPIS
  • Markaci - Debian sarge.
  • mutante - Debian
  • Ddawson What programmer shouldn't want to use Linux, when it has dozens of useful, highly modular tools already included? Oh yeah, Debian.
  • DBL2010 - Debian of course.
  • Yath - Debian, though I tend to install Ubuntu on newbies' systems.
  • Karol Langner - Debian and only Debian.
  • Xellos - Still. But I'm dithering if i should convert to Gentoo or Ubuntu...
  • Pfv2
  • utcursch - Red Hat 9.0, Fedora Core 2. Sarge. Etch.
  • Iain Davidson - Older Debian Woody, RedHat 9, and SuSE Pro 9.2 / 9.3, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9.0.
  • Hapsiainen - Debian was my first Linux distribution, and I have not by felt an urge to try something else. I didn't install Debian myself, though.
  • Kaster - Kanotix distibution
  • Uninstall[it] Debian/PPC on my iBook with KDE and on other older machines Debian/Sparc and Debian/i386
  • VasilievVV — apt-get rocks
  • Allan Javier Aguilar Castillo



  • ILVI -- Jay Bowks -- Linspire (a choice OS) -- FreeSpire and Guadalinex also.

Linux From Scratch[edit]


  • Wesley Now use Mandrake, Gentoo, and LEAF. Have also used Red Hat, Debian, Slackware, Rock, and linuxfromscratch.
  • Formulax: Mandrake, planning to switch to Red Hat or SuSE
  • snoyes: Mandrake. Relative late comer switching in 2000.
  • Hemmer : Mandrake of course
  • Jeffdelonge Mandrake 9.1 on laptop and 9.2 on other
  • Polyglot - Linux Mandrake 10.0 on portable and server.
  • Krik - Mandrake Cooker, but also like Knoppix.
  • Mikegr - Mandrake, KDE
  • Rdsmith4 aka DannyBoy - Mandrake 10.0 w/KDE, dual with Windows XP (only for Photoshop, I swear).
  • Patrick-br - Mandrake, Conectiva and Kurumin. Linuxer since 1995.
  • kocio - Mandriva Cooker in home, Debian in work, Linux in mind ;-} ; I'm the editor of polish news service
  • Ryan Norton - KDE, but Windows is better :)
  • Ardonik - since 2003. I use whatever's currently official.
  • WauloK - Mandrake 10.1 - Waiting for 2006 to go public. Mostly for fileserver & centericq.
  • AmosWolfe Mandriva 10.1 on 2nd system with KVM switch, still havent figured out how to connect wireless Internet.



  • Jizzbug -- Been a GNU geek since I was 15 or so (I'm ~22 these days), cut my teeth in the early days o' Slackware 2.3/3.x, back before it died, back before it was resurrected (with inflated version numbers), and back before it sucked (Slackware did suck for a while there). *sigh* How I miss the days of KDE Beta 1, the days of actually having to learn Linux in order to use it.
  • Valhalla Slackware.
  • Dori: Slackware
  • Djinn112 - Slackware.
  • Lord Bob - if you use Fedora Core, you learn Fedora Core. If you use Slackware, you learn Linux.
  • Emc2 of course Slackware!
  • diogoleal Slackware Linux!


  • Nikola: SuSE
  • MSTCrow SuSE Linux Professional 9.1 (as of 10/5/2004)
  • szopen SuSe rules, and previously Slackware ruled :)
  • Etz Haim - SuSE
  • sheridan - SuSE, Mandrake and possibly something on a PowerMac soon.
  • Zidane2k1 SuSE 9.3
  • Iain Davidson - SuSE Pro 9.2 / 9.3, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9.0, older Debian, and RedHat.
  • Zanthra - SuSE 9.3 and 10.0, Debian on CoLinux
  • Linuxerist - At Home
  • Lauro - SuSE 11.1 at home!


Yellow Dog Linux[edit]


Other homebrew[edit]

  • Grunt - I built the distro myself. No, you can't have a copy.

Distribution not specified[edit]

  • Adrian Lamo It's just an operating system. Sure is nice, though.
  • mav (it makes perfect sense to use Free Software while making a Free Encyclopedia)
  • Ram-Man I'm sold out. Well it's free. But I'm sold out anyway.
  • Formulax (I use linux and free software everyday, because they are the best.)
  • Brion (on servers mainly; my desktop machines are Mac and FreeBSD now)
  • Randal Leavitt Encouraging choice, resisting greed, liking Linux
  • Kpjas -- a hardcore linux user who is forced sometimes to use the unmentionable system. That's life, folks!
  • sjc - linux and solaris server side
  • Will Smith (Malaysia) - I am being paid to promote Open Source by the Malaysian Government. If you are in SEAsia, get in touch!
  • Andre Engels - though not out of principle like most Linux users. Just happened to have been a Unix machine for five years, so it was only natural that I could handle Linux better than Windows
  • alodyne - open source, open info
  • Arvindn - broke free 3 years ago, and never looked back :)
  • Wapcaplet -- After 3 years of aborted attempts, I've finally switched to Linux for good.
  • Paddu - the OBVIOUS choice
  • CYD - Emacs.
  • Kabads - Freedom for all. Bought some Linux discs about 18 months ago, for about **3, and was truly amazed. Watched it grow and improve since then, and have become an avid advocate of free software.
  • Axon I use Linux for everything now... it rocks!
  • Andrea Sivieri
  • User:mirwin I currently have linux 7.1 on a machine and I am attempting to download and transfer mySQL to the linux box for prototyping and self educational purposes. My best box is used for digital animation and thus I have trapped in Windows for the forseeable future.
  • Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick No comments.
  • Angela: Not all the time, but I keep my copy of the Wikipedia database on Linux.
  • GoGi
  • Optim
  • LDan Just switched to Morphix Gnome -- it's so much faster than Windows
  • Gwicke Morphix Gnome, Debian, XFS, Linux 2.6...
  • fr:Utilisateur:Vincent Ramos not using a free OS for a free encyclopedia would not make much sense
  • Pilaf - Wouldn't use any other OS... except at work, maybe :P
  • ugen64 - still a noobie, though...
  • Nikai - gets the job done, and allows me to have fun tinkering with (and sometimes even enhancing) the software I use
  • Simon Arlott
  • Shallot
  • Ralgis - The Amnesic Incognito Live System

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