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Hong Kong Wikimedia Meetup

Time 時間: 16.10.2015 (Fri 五) 19:00 − 22:00

Venue 地點: Think Cafe (Map 地圖)

Unit B, 19/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

臉書報名處 facebook event page

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Ways to go 到達方法[edit]

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  1. Leave the MTR station at Causeway Bay station D1 exit, cross the road, turn left and walk forward until you see the building.
    於銅鑼灣D1出: Leave the MTR station at Causeway Bay station C, cross the road, towards your right hand side. It is upstairs of Yoshinoya Restaurant.
    於銅鑼灣C出口離開,過馬路, 轉右, 建築物入口在吉野家旁。

Note 注意事項[edit]

  • Expected spending is HK$50-70 (Wikimedia special discount)
    每人消費是HK$50-$70 (維基特價)
  • Venue will provide unlimited drinks but no food. Feel free to bring your own food to the venue.

Sign up 留名[edit]

Attending 出席[edit]

Add you name to this list if you can make it to our one hundred and second meeting. Note that people of all ages and all Wikimedia projects are welcome!

Besides, there are four attendees. Two of them have Wikimedia accounts - one forgot his username, when another one didn't tell us his username. Another two attendees were yet to have an Wikimedia account.

Maybe Attending 可能出席[edit]

Not Attending 未能出席[edit]

  1. 上課期間,未克出席。 07:46, 16 October 2015 (UTC)

Agenda 聚會內容[edit]

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  • 維基百科亞洲月:香港維基媒體協會(協會)對我參與該活動的統籌事宜並無意見,但是由於財政等種種原因,協會未能就此提供任何支援。
  • 維基百科15週年慶祝活動:明年1月15日既是維基百科建站15週年紀念日,也剛好是當月第三個星期五(香港社群聚會的日期),我們跟聚會場地的負責人談過,當日暫未有人預約在這個場地舉行活動。我將負責建立相關活動的頁面,不過Rover指出活動形式尚未決定,應與社群商討。
  • 社群和分會事項:Rover認為香港的社群應該團結,然而我表示香港社群實際上是一盤散沙,原來用以聯繫社群的途徑(Portal:香港、香港維基人佈告版)也已經失效。


This meetup consists of two parts. During the first part all attendees (except Rover and me) are present, in which their discussions are mainly related to editing practices in Wikipedia, e.g. edit modes of Wikipedia, how to ensure that others can receive your message, ways to set-up a Wikimedia account and basic user access levels. Meanwhile I joined the meetup, when Rover came shortly before the first part concluded. In the second part only Rover, another attendee and I stay there, when the rest have already left. By then we was discussing several topics listed as below:

  • Wikipedia Asian Month: WMHK has no opinion for my participation of this event's organisation, but they are unable to give any support for this due to many reasons, such as finances.
  • Wikipedia 15: January 15 is the third Friday on that month (when HK Wikimedians will meet together), and also the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia. We talked with the person-in-charge of the venue, he replies that by then there were no reservations to hold events there on that day. I will create the event page, when Rover points out that the event's format is to be confirmed and we should discuss this with other HK Wikimedians.
  • HK Wikimedian community and WMHK: I reported that HK Wikimedians are disunited and channels used to link Wikipedians from HK (Portal:Hong Kong, Hong Kong Wikipedians' noticeboard) are disabled. Rover thought that Hong Kong community should be united.

We also discussed issues unrelated to Wikipedia during the second part.--Spring Roll Conan ( Teahouse | Contributions ) 07:40, 17 October 2015 (UTC) It is a very good talk!