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Event Organizers are Meta-Wiki users with the technical abilities to coordinate and manage events on Meta-Wiki. The first tool available to users with the Event Organizer right is Event Registration via the CampaignEvents extension. Event Organizers who use Event Registration have the following abilities:

Recommended Requirements for Rights[edit]

The following are recommended requirements for users to be granted Event Organizer rights. These criteria serve as a guideline and may evolve based on community agreement or consensus:

  • Required for all applicants:
    • No active blocks on the wiki on which you are applying for the right
  • Additionally, you must meet one of these requirements:
    • A minimum of 300 global edits
    • You are a Wikimedia affiliate staff member
    • You have received a Wikimedia grant for an event
    • You plan to organize a Wikimedia event

For WMF Staff and Contractors[edit]

  • If you are an WMF Official or Contractor and need this rights on Meta-Wiki to perform your duties the process is different. Please have a look at the WMF staff userrights policy on Office wiki[restricted access] and follow the procedure described there. If in doubt, please contact Trust and Safety; or send an email to

Recommended Process for Requesting Event Organizer Rights[edit]

To apply for Event Organizer rights, follow these steps:

We recommend that users interested in acquiring Event Organizer rights follow this process:

  • Submit your request on the Requests for Help from a Sysop or Bureaucrat page. This centralized location ensures visibility and allows for community input.
  • While there's no strict format, you may consider using the following template as a guideline for your application:
== Request for Organizer Rights: [Your Username] ==

'''Username''': [Your Wikimedia Username]

'''Reason for Request''': [Your explanation for needing organizer rights.]

'''Criteria Met''':
* No active blocks: [Confirm no active blocks.]
* Global edits: {{User6|{{REVISIONUSER}}}} [State your number of global edits, which can be found at Special:CentralAuth.]
* Additional Criteria: [Affiliate staff, grant recipient, or interest in organizing.]

'''Additional Information''': 

[Any other relevant information.]

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