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The Movement Charter Drafting Committee will be a group of individuals responsible for drafting the Movement Charter. They will develop the content of the Charter as defined in the Movement Strategy recommendation “Equity in Decision-Making”. Their work will not be limited to writing the Charter. It will also include consultation with communities and organizations as well as research and consultation with experts.

The group will not be a governance body. It must have diversity of members and skills fitting to their work. The Diversity matrix below suggests the factors expected to be covered. The Expertise matrix suggests the skills necessary to work as a solid team, including content expertise suggested in the recommendations.

Diversity matrix

Diversity matrix
پاشخانی گشتی Engagement
پڕۆژەکان ڕێکخراوەکان ڕۆڵەکان
ناوچە / وڵات پڕۆژە جیاوازەکان (ویکیپیدیا، کۆمۆنز، ویکیسەرچاوە، ویکیدراوە، هیتر. Affiliate size, age, focus بەشداری
زمان Emerging / Established Committees Functionary
جێندەر زمانەکان دامەزراوەی ویکیمیدیا ڕێکخەری کۆمەڵگا
قەبارەی پڕۆژە (بچووک / ناوەند / گەورە) بۆرد یان ئەندامی لیژنە
Affiliate or WMF staff member

Expertise matrix

Expertise matrix
General background توانای درافتینگ Content expertise ئەزموون
Cultural and linguistic awareness Policy writing skills Safe and collaborative spaces Participatory and consensus processes
Inclusion and diversity awareness Writing and editing skills Revenue generation Previous phases of Movement Strategy
Governance of organizations توانای گفتووگۆکردن Resource allocation Global or local policy work
زانیاری لەبارەی ویکیمیدیا Strategic and structural thinking skills Team collaboration