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Cross-Wiki Tools

Improving the User Experience of the Wikimedia platform involves making tools easier to use in all the different Wikimedia Projects. Currently, for example, many or most templates need to be manually copied from one Wikimedia Project to another. This means that the majority of templates are not available on smaller Wikis. One possible way to fix this is by creating global templates. Such templates and tools should also be easy to adapt in different languages, for example: to languages with right-to-left script. A part of this Initiative includes improving the documentation of the current tools to make it easier to adapt and reuse them.

Tools to connect cross-project and cross-language functionalities to provide an enhanced experience of the knowledge contained in the Wikimedia ecosystem for a particular interest, informational need, or inquiry.

  • Clear pathways for advancing new wiki proposals (including new language versions) and for reusing community-developed software features on them.
  • Developer tooling and high-quality documentation to allow technical contributors to create and maintain tools with usability and efficiency.



Join or start a discussion on Meta or the "Improve User Experience" space of the Movement Strategy Forum.


Apply for a Movement Strategy implementation grant to create a project that advances this initiative.

Get help

If you need help in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly with members of the Movement Strategy and Governance Team. They are here to help!

You can write to the team in any of 19 languages (listed on the team's page), by writing an email to: strategy2030@wikimedia.org

Initiative Project Stakeholder type Project lead Geography of the project Implementation Phase
16. Cross-project tool development and reuse Overall Initiative Coordination
16. Cross-project tool development and reuse WMF
16. Cross-project tool development and reuse Proposed: Global templates WMF

Some of the past discussions, texts and old versions of Movement Strategy recommendations that can provide further context to this initiative: