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گھڻ‌لساني وڪيپيڊيا

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This page is a translated version of the page Multilingual Wikipedia and the translation is 16% complete.

"Multilingual Wikipedia" refers to the many language editions Wikipedia has. This page serves for the communication with and between these editions.

وڪيپڊيادانن سان رابطو

  • All Wikipedia Pin Board: If you have information that is important to all Wikipedias, such as news about elections or translatewiki.net, please put it on this page. You will reach the wider community of Wikipedians and will not have to put the information on every single Village Pump page.

نوان ۽ ننڍا وڪيپيڊيا

Overviews and statistics

گھڻ‌لساني معاملا