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Open-source Ticket Request System

For prospective volunteers

A page to organise the cleanup of OTRS pages on Meta to simplify them and make it easier for potential volunteers to understand what OTRS is and what we do, without scaring them off. Please feel free to add your own thoughts/tweak at will. Thehelpfulone 02:49, 30 January 2013 (UTC)


  • This should have the basic information about OTRS, possibly include a brief list of the busiest queues and also include the OTRS admin contact information.
    • Too many queues at the moment, try to simplify somehow or move to a separate list of queues
      • Yes check.svg Done Removed the unnecessary queues, made remaining queues easier to read.


  • This main page should make it clearer for potential volunteers (who are really the ones most likely to read the page) how they can volunteer and perhaps have a more prominent link to the new volunteering page.

OTRS#OTRS administrators[edit]

  • We should either refer to OTRS administrators as OTRS administrators or Volunteer Response Team leaders. This avoids confusion between newbies who are unlikely to know that they are the same, unless we make it more clear the latter is just another name.
    • I've opted for just "OTRS admins". We can use the full name for any public facing work like we did for the blog.
  • I've added more information to the table to include user languages, location and time zone, and requested that the OTRS admins fill that out.
    • Yes check.svg Done - has now been fully filled out.




  • Needs rewording to make it less BITEy - will add more later here.
    • Yes check.svg Reworded and restructured for readability.
  • Waiting on response to clarify some language
  • A "volunteering process" checklist would be good. Something like:
    • Add your entry to Volunteering on Meta
    • Send email with your age
    • Wait about a week for a response on the Volunteering page on Meta, if it's OK, you'll get an email asking for real name.
    • Respond to that
    • Next steps?

You can guess what stage in the process I'm at. :-) --GRuban (talk) 20:49, 12 February 2013 (UTC)

Thanks sounds like a good idea, I've created a separate subsection for this with my suggested wording below. Thehelpfulone 21:59, 12 February 2013 (UTC)

What happens to my application?[edit]

Once you've added your application below, there's a few stages you'll go through before you become an OTRS volunteer. To give you an idea of what stage your application is at, here's a list of stages to becoming an OTRS agent:

  • Send an email to volunteers-otrs(_AT_)wikimedia.org linking to your application on this page and giving your age.
  • Wait for about a week for the OTRS admins to consider your application. If you're approved then you'll receive an email asking you for your real name and (if you'd like) what pseudonym you would prefer to reply to OTRS emails under.
  • Respond to this email providing your real name and, if applicable, a real-sounding pseudonym.
  • An OTRS admin will then create your account in the OTRS system and on OTRS wiki and send you an email with instructions on how to getting started.
  • Read through the Help pages on OTRS wiki and start answering tickets.


  • Do we want the Particular expertise section?
    • Yes check.svg Removed as outdated.
  • Progress re the updating the list?
    • Should have a response in a couple of days about this.


  • Add to Template:OTRS Not necessary
  • Reword.
    • Yes check.svg Reworded, I don't think it needs to go on the template though, is linked from the bottom of OTRS.

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