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2022 Q1
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This is a periodic report summarising the activity and caseload of the Ombuds Commission for the period from 1 February to 30 April 2022.

  • The Commission entered this reporting period with 5 matters unresolved.
  • 1 complaint was immediately closed as the facts described were clearly outside the Ombuds Commission's scope.
  • 2 new matters were raised with the Ombuds Commission during the period.
  • The Commission passed a resolution upon 2 matters during the period.
  • The commission also reopened and closed 2 old cases during the period.
  • At the period end there were 5 open matters:
    • 5 open matters involve the use of the CheckUser tool;
    • 0 open matters involve the use of the Oversight tool;
    • 0 open matters concern policies in general.


The commission was renewed at the beginning of this period, 6 new members were added, while 4 members of the previous commission remained in office. Now the are 8 effective members and 2 advisors.

User Home wiki(s) Language spoken Role
Ameisenigel (CA) dewiki, wikidatawiki de, en-4, nds-2, fr-1, tlh-1 Advisor
Érico (CA) ptwiki pt Ombudsperson
Faendalimas (CA) wikispecies en, pt-3, it-2, fr-1 Chair
Galahad (CA) eswikivoyage es, en-1 Ombudsperson
Infinite0694 (CA) jawiki ja, en-3, de-3, fr-2, it-1 Ombudsperson
JJMC89 (CA) enwiki en Advisor
Mykola7 (CA) ukwiki uk, ru-4, en-2, de-1 Ombudsperson
Olugold (CA) enwiki, wikidatawiki, igwiki ig, en-5, Ha-4 Ombudsperson
Udehb (CA) wikidatawiki ig, en-5 Ombudsperson
Zabe (CA) wikidatawiki, mediawikiwiki de, en-3, la-1 Ombudsperson


The caseload ageing of the Commission over the period was:

As at period start Resolutions passed Opened in period As at period end
New 1 2 2 0
1 month old 0 0
2 months old 0 0
3 months old 2 1
6 months old 1 3
Over 1 year old 1 1
Total 5 2 2 5

Resolutions issued[edit]

During the period, one or more reports were made to the Wikimedia Foundation by the Commissioners in the meaning of the terms of reference.

The Commission does not publish any other details of its resolutions.

Report published by Commission member: --Ameisenigel (talk) 13:10, 14 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]