PhilWiki Community/Board Meeting Minutes/2020/January 12

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January 12, 2020[edit]

  • Present: Irvin Sto. Tomas (chair), Froy Beraña (vice), Ramon Olaño Jr., Anthony Diaz (secretary), Maffeth Opiana
  • Absent: none
  • Other attendees (remote): none
  • Place: Manna Korea, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
  • Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


  1. 2019 Annual Report
  2. Endorsement of KWF Commissioners
  3. PH-WC office update
  4. Membership dues collection
  5. 2020 Projects
  6. Global Wikimedia Community Updates
  7. Other Matters


1. 2019 Annual Report

Sto. Tomas have presented the 2019 Annual Report compiled on the PhilWiki Magazine. Wiki Loves Monument and Bikol Wiktionary are to be included on the 2020 Annual Report.
Diaz has secured a copy for further proofreading.

2. Endorsement of KWF Commissioners

Sto. Tomas has prepared an endorsement letter to be forwarded directly at the President's office. Contents were a list of persons supported by the PhilWiki Community to be part of the KWF Commissioners.

3. PH-WC office update

The received letter stamped by the Mayor's Office was forwarded to Diaz. He's been instructed to do a follow-up at the Mayor's Office with regards PhilWiki's request to have a satellite office at the Roco Library.
Olaño however have volunteered his place as temporary address of PhilWiki if in case our request wouldn't be granted in near time.

4. Membership dues collection

The board agreed amount to be paid for annual dues is P300.00 and for a one-time membership fee is P500.00. This has raised a suggestion that PhilWiki should open a bank account so as to secure funds and collections received from members.
This will be under a board resolution. Details included are designated signatories(President and Treasurer).
Another issue raised was regarding the issuance of official receipt. Olaño have volunteered to secure the Mayor's Permit, BIR Forms, and other pertinent documents in order for the PhilWiki to have its own official receipt.

5. 2020 Projects

PhilWiki was not able to submit proposal for simple annual grant request. However, we will continue to request for the Individual Grants, such as WikiLovesEarth, WikiLovesMonuments, and Art & Feminism. Each committee head will take charge of the grants suitable for their designated committees.
PhilWiki will still conduct the 1Lib1Ref and the WikiGap activity regardless of the availability of funds. But, if existing grants have remaining funds after the execution of the project, it will automatically be allocated for the nearest upcoming Wikimedia Activity/Event.

6. Global Wikimedia Community Updates

Sto. Tomas have discussed the details regarding the election on Affiliations Committee. The group has agreed to support a certain candidate. This will be formalized through a resolution.
Beraña has also updated the PhilWiki with regard his upcoming conference on April 2020. The upcoming Wikimania in Bangkok was also discussed.

7. Other Matters

a. Membership Form
A new membership form will be provided by Irvin P. Sto. Tomas.
b. Bikol Wiktionary
Bikol Wiktionary should be an official site by February. Also, it was advised that entries should still have a proper reference and citation.
c. Philippine Wikipedia Conference
This will be a year-end activity. There will be a series of lectures and editathons. Talks and trainings would include all the topics covered by the PhilWiki through the entire year, such as adding a reference, proper citations, uploading pictures at WikiCommons, usage of translate page, etc.
This will be a request under the PhilWiki Usergroup. Beraña has suggested CBSUA as the venue.
Participants from previous training and editathons will be a priority because this conference will cater Wikipedians that has already contributed in Wikipedia content editing.
d. Reading Wikipedia
There were only three applicants from Bicol Region, Froy Beraña, Anthony B. Diaz, and Imelda R. Brazal.
e. Reaching the 10,000th article by the end of 2020
The members present at the meeting have vouched to participate on the 100Wikidays. By the end of the challenge, 500 new articles are to be expected.
f. Issues on Vandalism and Dead links
Wikignome will be practiced. This is to secure that pages are checked every time and also to increase the statistics on article edits. Ramon Olaño has suggested to use physical references aside from online references to secure the validity of every article created.

Approved Resolutions[edit]