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The Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC) is a thematic community based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The organization was founded by Filipino Wikimedians advocating cultural heritage, history, language & ethnicity, art, freedom of panorama, and Wikimedia's Movement Strategy, contributing to expand the global availability of free knowledge.


Pilipinas Panorama
Pilipinas Panorama Community
Location Philippines
Legal statusThematic community
Founding date02 December 2022
Main officeMetro Manila
Official language(s)Philippine languages
Other language(s)Filipino language, Tagalog language, Central Bicolano language
Key people
Former namePH-WC Manila, Manila Community
E-mail addressBuszmail(_AT_)gmail.com

In 2021, a proposal was revisited by members of the Naga City-based Wikimedia affiliate, PhilWiki user group (PH-WC), for branches to be established in other Philippine regions. The soonest viable user group extension was a Manila Branch to complement the main Bicol Branch, whereby a resolution was passed on June 25, 2021 to propagate its branches. Henceforth, Manila-based Wikimedians were provisionally recognized as a Manila Community.

On December 02, 2022, two PH-WC Past Presidents, Juan Bautista H. Alegre and Ralff Nestor S. Nacor founded the PhilWiki Community - Manila. Despite this, on December 14, 2022, the seminal community itself concluded its own thematic goals, and thus formally became the independent Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC).

Towards January 29, 2023, Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH) Past Chairman JP Antes joined the thematic community, giving stature to PPC as a composite of two Philippine affiliates: the defunct WMPH and the aforementioned PH-WC. The Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC) has now actively committed itself to advocate cultural heritage preservation in the Philippines, the passage of Freedom of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines, and Wikimedia's ongoing Movement Strategy towards 2030.


  1. To be a prime mover in the passage of the Freedom of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines especially among the community of Wikimedians in the Philippines
  2. To be an active support group for the Wikimedia Movement Charter being a Movement Strategy priority
  3. To advocate for the profiling and preservation of cultural heritage in the Philippines in any means including through Wikipedia articles and media files in Wikimedia Commons

Interested in participating

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Contact information

Contact us through these email addresses:

Juan Bautista H. Alegre, ja.workplace@gmail.com
Ralff Nestor S. Nacor, rojo_nacor@yahoo.com

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