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Philippine Panorama Project

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The Philippine Panorama Project is an initiative of the Pilipinas Panorama Community which aims to collect media files of cultural heritage in every Philippine town for Wikimedia Commons, and eventually to be featured in its respective Wikipedia articles.

The Pilipinas Panorama Community aims to help towns (especially the less known) with no official website to have Wikipedia articles as alternative. The project commenced in 2023 and will gradually cover places until the objectives are completed.


There are initiatives in Wikimedia to collect media files relating to cultural heritage which takes place annually. Mostly known among them are Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Folklore, and Wiki Loves Earth. This is followed by the Wikipedia Pages, Wanting Photos (WPWP) Campaign which aims to add media files from previous photo contests to Wikipedia articles of any local language.

Among the beneficiaries of these projects are the articles of Philippine towns. However, not all municipalities/cities are being covered. Inspired by the word "panorama", the Philippine Panorama Project aims inclusivity and balance of featured media files among Philippine town articles. Less known towns will be a priority as an objective. Thus, this project aims to help WikiProjects related to Philippines like WikiProject Philippines, WikiProyekto Pilipinas, and WikiProyekto Filipinas.

To conclude its founding year, the project was featured in the Diff Wikimedia article "The Philippine Panorama Project in 2023" (Published on 16 December 2023).


  1. Collection of Cultural Heritage Media Files. To collect media files of cultural heritage in every Philippine town (target range of 5-20 media files). The media file must be taken at most five years from the commencement of project (e.g. January 2018) up to the latest date.
  2. Data Gathering by Intentional Visit. To gather data related to cultural heritage as a part of the intentional visit to the featured Philippine town. Useful data from the town may include the language spoken, historical marker text, local cuisine and products, potential tourist spots, less-known cultural heritage sites, etc.
  3. Improvement of Wikipedia Articles. To become an active support project for WikiProjects related to cultural heritage. This is to improve the Wikipedia articles of every town in the Philippines.

List of subprojects

Administrative Map of the Philippines

The Philipine Panorama Project is divided into subprojects which were identified mostly on the regional level. There are also additional special subprojects intended for Ancestral Houses, Food & Beverages, GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), Heritage Churches, Historical Markers, Roads & Transportation, and the University of the Philippines System.

Regional subprojects

Special subprojects

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