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The Pilipinas Panorama Community (PPC) is a thematic community based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

The organization was founded by Filipino Wikimedians advocating cultural heritage, history, language & ethnicity, art, freedom of panorama, and Wikimedia's Movement Strategy, contributing to expand the global availability of free knowledge.


Juan Bautista H. Alegre, Head

Buszmail belongs to Wikipedia’s esteemed Fifteen Year Society, an informal grouping of editors who have been contributing to the Wikipedia project for fifteen years or more. He served as an officer (President, 2014-2015) (Vice-Chairman, 2015-2016) and trustee of the former Wikimedia Philippines (that became the Wiki Society of the Philippines). In transition, he was extended a brief honorary membership in the Bikol Community by what later became Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group. In 2020, he was engaged in meetings towards clarifying effective Philippine regulations and legislation on the country's Freedom Of Panorama (FOP); which initiated his involvement with the ESEAP regional hub. In the 2022 virtual Annual General Meeting of the Philippine Wikimedia Community UG based in Naga City, Johnny Alegre was voted as president of the User Group; his tenure concluding at year-end, in favor of co-founding and heading the Pilipinas Panorama Community on December 2, 2022, and engagement in the Movement Charter Ambassadors Program. Alegre headquarters his activities in the Philippines' National Capital Region metropolis where he resides. He also serves as administrator of the Facebook discussion group, Philippine Wikimedia Kapihan Network.

Roster of Members

Matrix of Membership

PPC Advocacies & Discussions
(FOP, Cultural heritage, GLAM, etc.)


Primary Organizational


Regular Members
Community Members

Regular Members

Username Editing activities Community involvements Advocacies Featured Photo/Icon
Buszmail English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed), Tagalog Wikipedia Wikimedia Philippines President (2014-2015), PhilWiki Community UG President (2022-2023), Philippine Wikimedia Kapihan Network (Administrator), Movement Charter Ambassador (2022), ESEAP Interim Hub Committee (2023) Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines, Movement Charter Ambassadors Program, ESEAP Hub
Ralffralff Bikol Wikipedia (Administrator), English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed), Wikimedia Incubator (Hiligaynon Wikipedia), Wikimedia Commons PhilWiki Community UG President (2021-2022), Bikol Wikipedia Community, Commons Photographers UG Local Language as Learning Resource, Cultural Heritage Preservation
Markadan English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Philippines Chairman of the Board (2016-2017), Wikimedia Philippines Board Secretary (2015-2016), Wikimedia Philippines Vice President (2013-2015) Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
Churihan Wikimedia Commons, Bikol Wikipedia Science and Technology, Local Language as Learning Resource
Lady01v Pangasinan Wikipedia, Ilokano Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons Pangasinan Wikipedia Community, Wikimedia Philippines Board Member (2014-2015), Babaylan PH (Co-Founder), Shared Knowledge Asia Pacific NGO (Founder) Digitization of Philippine local laws and ordinances
Chlod English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed, Reviewer, Rollbacker) Software Development, Copyright
RCJourn English Wikipedia Wikimedia Philippines Auditor
Rotary International

Community Members

Username Editing activities/
Community involvements
JWilz12345 Wikimedia Commons (Image Reviewer), English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed), Tagalog Wikipedia Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
Inarawan1979 English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed) Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
Cyrus noto3at bulaga Tagalog Wikipedia, English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed) Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
Longcake Higad English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Tagalog Wikipedia Cultural Heritage Preservation, Mass Transportation Efficiency
Slvrdlphn English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed), Tagalog Wikipedia Filipino Music
Zirconaut English Wikipedia Information Technology
Lucky Ambago Purok Otso English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed), Wikimedia Commons Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines, Climate Activism, and Renewable Energy
Zoyamilk Wikimedia Commons Numismatics
Howdy.carabao Wikimedia Commons (Autopatrolled), English Wikipedia (Extended Confirmed) Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines


Name Advocacies
Aris Cruz Dela Cruz Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
Bong Dela Torre GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)
Alex Umali Cultural Heritage Preservation

Current Areas of Activity

User templates

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Pilipinas Panorama Community
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Pilipinas Panorama Community

Interested in participating

If you are interested to participate in our thematic activities, please enlist yourself below. You may also join our social media group, Pilipinas Panorama Community in Facebook.

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