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Predstavnici Wiki projekta

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This page is a translated version of the page Project wiki representatives and the translation is 2% complete.

Collecting representatives of project wikis

Translate this page, and start a discussion on your project wiki about selecting a representative for your project wiki.

Your voice is needed

You are a contributor to one of the projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). The Wikimedia Foundation hosts over 900 wikis. The Wikimedia Movement consists of the WMF, the communities of the 900 project wikis, and over 140 affiliate organizations (chapters, thematic organizations and user groups).

In the future there will be a Global Council representing the communities. The Global Council will negotiate a service level contract for hosting the wikis with a service provider.

The roles and responsibilities of the Global Council are to be written in a Constitution for the Wikimedia Movement, also known as Movement Charter. An Interim Global Council will be tasked (among other things) with drafting a Movement Charter.

The Movement needs the voice of your wiki on the Global Council. We need a representative from your wiki to invest time and energy in collaborating with representatives from all other wikis. For selecting a representative you can follow local policies and procedures for selecting functionaries and/or decision making.

Question(s) for the conversation at the project wikis and the affiliates

Does your project wiki or affiliate community support the creation of a Global Council, and support drafting a constitution for the movement? Who will be the representative of your project wiki or affiliate willing to collaborate with representatives of project wikis and affiliates to work on these matters?

How you can help

You can help move this process forward by:

  • Translating this page here on meta
  • Setting up a project page on your local wikis
  • Select a representative for your wiki
  • Fill out the table below with:
    • For representation of your local project
      • The code for your local project
      • Link to local project page for this process when it is set up
      • The (user)name of the representative when they are selected
    • For representation of your affiliate
      • The code of your affiliate
      • Link to affiliate website page for this process when it is set up
      • The (user)name of the representative when they are selected

Table of project wiki representatives

Project wiki representatives

Code of project wiki Link to discussion page (User)name of representative
nl.wp Wikipedia:Afgevaardigde Nederlandstalige Wikipedia
nl.wikiquote Wikiquote:Afgevaardigde van Nederlandstalige Wikiquote
nl.wikisource Wikisource:Afgevaardigde Nederlandstalige Wikisource
code of project wiki link to discussion page (user)name of representative

Affiliate representatives

Code of affiliate Link to discussion page (User)name of representative
code of affiliate link to discussion page (user)name of representative

Further information

This page is deliberately kept short to facilitate translation to all 300 languages, and enable participation by all 900 project wikis. Please post questions on the talk page.