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The following request for comments is closed. Grievance has been aired, and responses from interested parties added. There is nothing for which a consensus can be determined for a complaint. Chinese wikipedia is a self-governing wiki and able to determine their content, their blocks, their administrators, and their interactions.  — billinghurst sDrewth 22:17, 14 August 2018 (UTC)[reply]

I translated these "Lists of people by nationality "articles into chinese: en:List_of_Finns, en:List of Swedish people, en:List of Danes, en:List of Norwegians, en:List of Icelanders, en:Lists of British people, en:Lists of French people, en:List of Germans, en:List of Italians, en:List of Irish people, en:List of Spaniards, en:List of Portuguese people, en:List of Dutch people, en:List of Belgians, en:List of Austrians, en:List of Swiss people, en:List of Czechs, en:List of Hungarians, en:List of Polish people, en:List of Turkish people, en:List of Greeks, en:List of Russian people, en:List of people from Ukraine, en:List of Romanians, en:Lists of Americans, en:List of Canadians, en:List of Mexicans, en:List of Brazilians, en:List of Colombians, en:List of Argentines, en:List of Israelis, en:List of Japanese people, en:Lists of South Korean people, en:List of Thai people, en:List of Vietnamese people, en:Lists of Indian people, en:Lists of Australians, en:Lists of New Zealanders, en:List of South Africans.

There is this Chinese Administrator, also a Bureaucrats, User:AT deleted all 38 of these Chinese articles.

From January to May, I post a lot of words in community, in village pump. I try to disscuss with AT and figure this out and save these articles. AT is not the only one wants these articles deleted, there are some other users too. But their reasons are not very clear at the beginning, it took me much time to collect all of their reasons why they want to deleted these articles, reasons like "no one want to read these articles" and "category can replace them". I start a new discussion, list all the reasons and explain one by one, why this reason is not right. Then AT joined this discussion, but he avoid all the questions, change subject all the time and did not offer any suggestions, I realized he actually did not want to disscuss at all.

In this period, I faced a lot of unfair treatments: Some ip users mock me in disscussion and my talk page; This user Sanmosa hide all my words in a Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion disscussion, when other users said their opinions, I post lots of words under them, explain why that opinion is not fair enough to delete this article, then very quickly Sanmosa mark my words "irrelevant" and hide them all; This user Randeng listed some ridiculous reasons claim that is my opinion, but I never said that.

I post what happend to me in village pump, got almost no response, seems no one cares, it is not a big deal.

Later I ping all the Chinese administrators in a disscussion and post a "need your support to save these articles" paragraph on all of their talk pages. That is clearly wrong and it pissed off a administrator Techyan, Administrator Techyan blocked me 3 days for this. but he did more than that. Administrator AT did not delete all my articles at one time, at first he deletd List_of_Thai_people, while in disscussion I sent List_of_Thai_people to Wikipedia:Deletion_review. while Administrator Techyan blocked me, he quickly solved this review, the result is to delete. He never said any opinion about these articles before, To me this is clearly that he did not care about these articles.

I understand Administrator Techyan block me for I ping all the administrators, but I don't think he should delete my articles. 3 days later I started two requests for de-adminship, I asked to de-adminship AT and de-adminship Techyan. Then I go notice Techyan on his talk page, immediately, Administrator Techyan block me for 2 weeks. That clearly is revenge, One administrator unblocked me very soon, I then post in village pump ask to get more help to de-adminship Administrator Techyan, one day later, I got blokcked by Administrator Outlookxp for 2 weeks. Administrator Outlookxp claim that I was rude to others while in that disscussion, of course I am not, soon I got unblocked. I figure that Administrator Techyan and Administrator Outlookxp are friends. The two requests for de-adminship were sent to Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion by user Sanmosa, and very quickly deleted by Administrator Outlookxp.

3 days later, Administrator Antigng blocked me for 1 day, claim that what I said violate Wikipedia:Assume_good_faith. 6 days later, he block me for 5 days with same reason. Then one day after that, Administrator Wong128hk extend my block to a month with the same reason "violate Wikipedia:Assume_good_faith"

During this one month, with 3 users's great kindness and hard work, one article List_of_Finns is saved. But all the other articles are still deleted.

One month later, I can finally speak again, I writed several posts in village pump, question Administrator Antigng and others, why they insist on deleting my articles.

With less than a day, I got blocked by Administrator Shizhao for 5 days, with the reason "Harassment", but he did not say any detail or which part of my words is wrong. I post in my talk page ask Administrator Shizhao why I got blocked by "Harassment", what is your evidence? he never answerd me. Some other user and administrator joined the disscussion. Within 3 hours Administrator Aotfs2013 extend my block to 6 months. Later Administrator Kuailong reviewed and maintained my block. I ask them what exactly I did wrong, none of them answered.

I can not edit other pages, but I can still edit my talk page, So I keep posting about why my block is wrong and why my articles should be saved. And I ask to have a review, 7 days later Administrator Hat600 reviewed and maintained my block. About 3 hours later Administrator Shizhao post a comment on my talk page "when did you ever ask me to provide the evidence?" then he revoked my ability to edit talk page.

I also tried other way to get help. I tried to ping all Bureaucrats in enwiki while I am blocked unfairly in Chinese wiki, that is a bad idea, now I am blocked in enwiki too.

I sent several emails to, as you know, these emails would be read by volunteers, I got 2 reply, the first said"you try to save your articles by emails will not be working", the second said "if you keep sent emails we will ignore you", and after that they ignore me.

I try to send messages to all Chinese Bureaucrats through the wikipedia website email system, which is on the left part of user page "Email this user" There are 13 Chinese Bureaucrats:

User:Alexander_Misel, aftere i sent 2 emails to him, he changed his account setting so no one can send email to him, he did not reply me or do anything.
User:AT, he is the one started all this, delete all 38 of Chinese articles with no fair reason.
User:Bencmq, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Cloudcolors, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Ffaarr, post on my talk page, said block me is right. Said nothing about articles.
User:Jimmy Xu, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Kegns, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Manchiu, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Nbfreeh, I sent 5 emails to him, got 1 reply, said" did not see any relevance, stop use email spam"
User:Shizhao, block me with no proof and block me editing my talk page and mock me on my talk page.
User:Stang, said to me on my talk page "would you be patience? please review what you said", did nothing about articles and my block.
User:Wing, I sent 5 emails to him, no reply.
User:Wong128hk, saved one article but leave other 37 article deleted.

With what happened, It seems not only one but multi Administrators and Bureaucrats abuse. This condition need to be changed. My 37 articles need to be saved. --Jasonnn~zhwiki (talk) 07:24, 15 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]

These two users WQL and PhiLiP, they are not administrators, I never noticed them to comment here, how did they know I post here? Someone told them. Clearly They are chasing me here, They are watching me, And look into the current page history[1], you will find out it was a IP user comment, then 3 minutes later, PhiLiP claim that he forgot to login. That is interesting, isn't it? I only wish all the IP user comments on my Chinese talk page remember to login their accounts.
WQL and PhiLiP, their key point is "you are wrong", as to articles and administrators abuse, they didn't talk about it, they don't care. If they dare to comment here like this, you can image how i was treated in Chinese wikipedia.
As User:PhiLiP mentioned the disscussion, about 6 people in that disscussion, 5 of them were going to delete these articles, they don't have good reasons to delete, they just make up some reasons. If someone doesn't agree with them, either shut up or get blocked like me. And if to keep these articles, these articles must be changed by their wills. What is their wills? here is a example, List_of_Finns, although language in the page is not english, you can still see the big difference. Before[2], After[3], Any reasonable man would say Before is so much better than After. Yet they want to change it to After. So the so called agreement would be "either delete these articles or change them into After", what kind of agreement is that? What they did almost could be considered as they are destorying chinese wikipedia on purpose.--Jasonnn~zhwiki (talk) 03:25, 16 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]
"how did they know I post here?" See zh:WT:管理員解任投票/Techyan/第2次#某个被封禁的人看来还没有放弃呢.--Brror (talk) 00:26, 18 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]
Probably a globan is needed...-- 01:17, 17 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]
Probably a glo-ban is unneeded, due to local efforts to deal with these articles unde disputes. --云间守望 - (Talk with WQL) 16:08, 17 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]
I really don't like that, but your actions seem to justify a global lock.--1233 | Questions?| This message is left by him at 08:39, 20 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]
@Jasonnn~zhwiki: Half a dozen Admins there said no.   — Jeff G. ツ 15:10, 5 July 2018 (UTC)[reply]

@Sanmosa: You should request a global ban rather than global lock, since "disrupts" from this user doesn't seem clear. -- 02:16, 21 May 2018 (UTC)[reply]