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Locking, and Commons.[edit]

@Billinghurst: Several unsupported claims were thrown at me at the noticeboard and I couldn't respond to any.

The claim that I’m not an established user.[edit]

Well, as you can see [[w:nl:Gebruiker:Donald Trung|here] I wrote 10 articles in the span of 1 month (the same amount of time that my account has been globally locked), of which w:en:Qing dynasty coinage is the largest at 80.000 bytes and 115 references and sources of which I am currently the sole content author and created it in merely 2 weeks, and w:nl:Chinese kèpèngs at Dutch Wikipedia (again, currently the sole content author) and I have finished several other Dutch articles since my lock that I could've published but can’t. I also greatly expanded several articles during that same period of time.

Note that I’ve edited on-again, off-again for 10 years but prefer not to share my old IPs or accounts because they would certainly be listed as “sockpuppets” (even though I only sockpuppeteered in July 2017), and they would all be immediately locked despite the fact that I have the passwords or access to none of them. And yes, I’ve even written a FA article years ago but I’m afraid that it would be eligible for deletion because I created it (as per g5).

The claim that I had “abused” the UTRS .[edit]

The first time it was an appeal where I said that I won't repeat the sockpuppetry, use one account, and want to edit articles again, I got a copy-pasted version of the 6 months rule, the second time I went into absolute detail explaining what I did wrong, how I now know that It’s wrong and what I would like to improve to various articles, the reply was “what the other guy said” and a copy-pasted version of the 6 months rule, and the third time I only asked for talk page access to apologise to the person I had insulted after I saw that he contacted me and tried to rationally speak through the issue, I said that I prefer to apologise now over 6 months in the future as an apology wouldn't be sincere then, I got no response, when I tried the UTRS a few weeks later after pressing submit I wasn't allowed until February 2018 because “Sockmaster doesn't get the point”, I only added a sock account name because I detailed more how I had learned from my mistakes, and I only evaded my block once on English Wikipedia in order to apologise to the user (which I thought he deserved).

Other unfounded claims.[edit]

Well, what got me locked was the claim that I made XWiki “attack pages”, I simply copied and pasted this message across various user pages:

“When my previous account was made I was banned before making even a single edit on Wikipedia and they never told me why other than me simply being on Wikipedia substitutes abuse no reason was given I never vandalized any article but I got blocked with no way of appeal my email was blocked and I could not edit my own talk page. When I asked on my school ip why that account was blocked they blocked that ip too and blanked my user and talk pages no vandalizing on either but apparently me being on Wikipedia means abuse. I will keep making accounts until someone explains to me why I got blocked I see accounts blanking pages every day and never get warned they add actual abuse or hoax and only get citations needed while I get blocked before I can even save my first edit. Admins abuse their power and never get held accountable while real vandals go unharmed.”

(Note that 95% of the socks only pasted this or a similar message to their user page and never edited anywhere, nor were they ever locally blocked on Tagalog Wikipedia, Tamil Wikipedia, Etc.)

Also note that at no time did any local administrator or new page patroller find these problematic, I’m not saying that the above message isn't disruptive, but no local admin other than on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons blocked me for that message, and by the time the lock was requested that was already two weeks prior so the whole nature of the lock wasn't to prevent further disruptions but to punish for writing the above. And the most horrible claim made against my person was that I was a COI paid-editor who added “spamlinks” to 6 Wikipedia’s, in reality I sourced every bit of content I added and had a preference for one website because the website simply hosts more content regarding those subjects, anyhow I will fight those claims after I get unlocked though it’s sad to see that Wikipedia content itself has become collateral damage.

Note: I only added it (as references) to 2 Wiki’s, but it was just assumed that I was every editor on the list.

The worst part about the whole “spammer” accusation is that 1) I actually spent my own money on books and to get behind paywalls to expand articles (so I paid to edit Wikipedia and now get accused of being paid to edit Wikipedia), 2) it's completely unrelated to my sockpuppetry and having so much content unsourced now makes it liable for deletion, and 3) the whole reason I keep appealing this lock is because I want an opportunity to fight this libelous COI/”Spamlinks” claim.

No right to appeal.[edit]

Well, at the time my lock was requested I attempted to contact the stewards, as I wasn't aware of the noticeboard I simply messaged every individual steward (bad idea, I know) and the only response to that was to immediately revert it and block me, note that at no time was the admin willing to direct me to either the stewards' noticeboard or the global requests, and the lock happened near instantly so I wasn't allowed to appeal it anyhow. A recent attempt at trying to get information on how to get my local block at Wikimedia Commons lifted at the IRC was met with arious OTRS members saying “get out” and one of them saying that I should go to the stewards, that person waited for me at the steward IRC and immediately said that I was trolling them, later that OTRS member programmed a bot to alert him of whatever IRC I would go in to immediately ban me, even if I simply asked if it were allowed for my wife to upload images I took and that I would then send permission (I still don't have an answer to that question nor am I allowed to ask it, apparently).

Now if I were to compare this to the way other lock requests are treated Classiccardinal who can literally only speak in insults wasn't locked because a global ban seemed more appropriate, while during his lock request he continued insulting the Commonswiki admins and got blocked on Meta, comparing this with my situation I only insulted a user a total of 7 times (this is including the 2 account names), Classiccardinal insulted Yann, Hedwig in Washington, and someone else more often exclusively in his lock request. Yahahzida (or whatever) who is one of the 5 globally banned people by the community was blocked on 8 wiki's and repeatedly kept spamming copyrighted images yet still was ineligible for a global lock, INeverCry socked for 2 years then originally only got blocked for 2 weeks, deleted over thousands of important pages on Wikimedia Commons and still was considered ineligible for a global lock. With me it only seems that “block, revert, and ignore” is the only option even if I stayed 100% civil and cooperative during the entire process, Classiccardinal got blocked for 3 days for insulting Hedwig in Washington on Meta, I got blocked for 3 months for wanting to remove an insult I made, both by the same steward so all I can tell is a large number of double standards being applied.

The main difference between myself and any other request is that the others at least had a fair chance to defend themselves, Yahazidja (or whatever) was properly warned for years, and in my case I get kicked out after 2 weeks of malicious sockpuppetry of which only 2 contained insults and the rest never insulted anyone and yes the problem is the sockpuppetry and not the insults. I am not here to excuse my actions but it seems a bit excessive the way my case was handled, I could've published 10 articles to Dutch Wikipedia and Low-Saxon Wikipedia but now I’m stuck outside with no way to prove that I have no further disruptive intentions. I can’t even defend myself on the noticeboard as I suspect getting on any steward’s radar will immediately get me reverted and blocked.

So what are my options?[edit]

If I were to get unblocked at one of the two wiki’s where I'm blocked would that automatically make me ineligible for a global lock? Could I appeal my local block on Commonswiki to you then? I honestly miss Wikimedia Commons the most of all Wiki’s, and would appeal to you if you would let me.

Aren't locks supposed to be preventive? Or is that only for local blocks? I can’t make my case to any steward, and contacting any of them is only met with immediate reversions and blocks, can't you discuss this with my locking steward? I would be patient but again the fact that so many references were deleted from articles could mean that I would find myself looking at stubs if I return “too late” to some of those articles.

If you really don’t want to then please ignore the steward stuff but I really wish to be unblocked at Wikimedia Commons, I haven't socked or evaded there for all of August, and I have never deliberately uploaded any copyright violations. And if you don’t want to hear about my case anymore then I won't ever bring it up to you anymore.

More Commons things, I actually uploaded a sizable amount of images I used in the articles I wrote anf/or expanded, even if I would get unlocked a block on English Wikipedia wouldn't bother me as much as a block on Commons, and my issues were never related to the uploads.

Sent from my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 📱. -- 07:50, 30 August 2017 (UTC) (Donald Trung)

Can I appeal outside of Commons? -- 07:51, 30 August 2017 (UTC)
I cannot help you further, you can only work with stewards on this matter.  — billinghurst sDrewth 10:02, 30 August 2017 (UTC)
Can I appeal my block on Commons to you? That's not steward-related, and even if I were to get unlocked I would still be blocked locally so I wonder where and how I could appeal a block on Commonswiki as there is no UTRS. -- 10:54, 30 August 2017 (UTC)
Question asked, question answered.  — billinghurst sDrewth 10:58, 30 August 2017 (UTC)

Wikidata weekly summary #276[edit]

Wikidata weekly summary #277[edit]

New creations at nds-nlwiki[edit]

Hi Billinghurst! Similar to the situation on mgwiki a couple weeks ago, there's another large creation of year pages on nds-nlwiki. A few different IP addresses are involved and if you could help clean this up, that would be much appreciated. --Eurodyne (talk) 04:55, 15 September 2017 (UTC)

@Eurodyne: I have temporarily blocked the four IP addresses acting in the space as they are unauthorised bots. nds-nlWP has an active administrator (uuser:Woolters) so ideally this would be managed at a local level. I am happy to explain and assist if requested.  — billinghurst sDrewth 05:31, 15 September 2017 (UTC)
Thank you. I've left a message on their talk page. --Eurodyne (talk) 06:44, 15 September 2017 (UTC)

Wikidata weekly summary #278[edit]