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Gambaran umum

Halaman ini terutama untuk wiki bahasa kecil di Wikimedia. Ini mencantumkan sumber daya, alat, dan rekomendasi di bidang teknis yang dapat Anda ikuti, dan menjelaskan cara mendapatkan bantuan dari orang lain. Jika Anda adalah seorang pengembang, editor, moderator, atau pengorganisir komunitas di wiki yang lebih kecil, halaman ini membantu Anda membuat alur kerja komunitas Anda lebih mudah dan menumbuhkan komunitas Anda. Halaman ini juga relevan untuk non-core Wikimedia wikis yang baru saja memulai.

Setting up a new wiki

Interested in setting up a new language wiki? See Requests for new languages for creating a Wikimedia project wiki in a new language, and Proposals for new projects for suggesting the creation of a new project wiki.

See Setting up an internal Wikimedia wiki for information on creating an internal wiki for Wikimedia activities, committees, and affiliates.

Main page customization

See Main page customization for customizing the main page with CSS to make it look better on small screens.

Wiki configuration changes

See Wikimedia site requests how to request and make configuration changes such as changing a logo, enabling or disabling an extension and changing local group rights on a wiki.

Popular templates, modules and guidelines

Explore popular Templates and Modules that can be used for standard warnings or notices, content formatting, and alignment, infoboxes, improving citations, etc. Also, get familiar with guidelines on writing templates and copying or translating existing templates from another wiki to your local wiki.

Useful bots, tools and guidelines

Explore useful Bots that can help automate repetitive tasks on a wiki. Also, get familiar with guidelines on creating, exploring, or enabling a bot. You can learn about useful Tools that support Wikimedia contributors in their work.

Popular gadgets and guidelines

Explore popular Gadgets that can be used for editing, reading, patrolling, etc. Also, get familiar with guidelines on exploring, developing, or enabling a gadget on a wiki.

Block bad edits

See AbuseFilter for information on using filters on your wiki to block bad edits and actions.


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