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September 20 2006[edit]

a short meeting, scheduled at the end of the Sep 3 meeting

Wednesday September 20th, 2000 UTC
on irc.freenode.net, in #wikimedia-spcomm
webbased access via http://chat.wikizine.org ?


  1. Review of past three weeks
  2. New languages subcommittee: recent reports and ideas
  3. Brainstorming announcement for the board retreat agenda. See explanation below this evening, and the strategic goals page for more.
  4. Pending tasklist (review) -- include Video, WiktZ, Static updates
  5. Resolution drafting for next SPC meeting
  6. Future schedule & calendar


  1. Anthere
  2. Dbl2010
  3. Dbmag9 (maybe)
  4. Sabine
  5. GerardM
  6. phoebe
  7. oscar

August 26 2006[edit]

SPC Public Meeting #1
Saturday August 26, 2200 UTC
on irc. #wikimedia-spcomm
webbased access via http://chat.wikizine.org


  1. Introductions
  2. How the SPC works (including: how to get a project into development, and what it takes to realise it)
  3. Overview of specific projects SPC has recently worked on, and their status:
    • Wikiversity
    • RadioDR (WP integration with an online portal)
    • Others, briefly (Wikipedia Video project idea)
  1. Discussion, proposed items:
    • How can SPC help with new project proposals?
      Exs: external proposals, outside of WP and sister Projects
      Exs: new Projects (contrasting Wikiversity, Wikinews, WiktionaryZ)
      Comparison of SPC w other efforts to encourage/develop new projects
    • Closed v. open (why are meetings/agendas/membership closed? what needs privacy, what can be made public?)
  1. Wrap-up, next meeting, overview of how to contact SPC
    • spcommittee-l mailing list; what kind of list-approval is necessary?
    • Tone for next meeting : how to make SPC more useful [for community project development]


List yourself here if you are planning to attend.

September 3, 2006[edit]

SPC public meeting #2
Sunday September 3rd, 2000 UTC
on irc.freenode.net, in #wikimedia-spcomm
webbased access via http://chat.wikizine.org


  1. Introductions
  2. New project developing procedures and role of SPC
  3. How the SPC works (more detail regarding internal v. external projects)
  4. Improving openness of the committee without jeopardizing confidentiality and professional handling (i.e. being points of contact etc); needs of project owners
  5. Improving communications with subcommittees
  6. Improving community involvement and feedback (i.e. sharing ideas or addressing concerns)
    • on Meta
    • on the mailing list
    • through public meetings
  7. Meeting coordination
  8. Creation of new language versions of existing projects

Proposals & Discussion[edit]

Public logs

  • We should make it clear from the start that the log of this meeting will be public, so that people who can't attend the meeting can read the log later. guillom 22:21, 30 August 2006 (UTC)
    Yes. Perhaps someone can set up a live log for those who come late. Sj
    I can do that. — Timichal

Specific projects

  • Wikipedia video followup
  • Several of us would like to discuss static content

Proposing a resolution to the committee

  • Basic process (via mailing lists) and timeline


The meeting will be on the 3rd of September for at least an hour, from 2000-2100 UTC. List yourself below if you can attend.

  1. Dbl2010
  2. Amgine / talk meta
  3. Polimerek
  4. tsca @
  5. Erik Zachte
  6. Martin Walker
  7. Kirill Lokshin
  8. oscar saturday 2nd is impossible for me: we have the dutch conference in utrecht... (see here)
  9. Jleybov
  10. Kelson
  11. Przykuta
  12. Timichal
  13. Titoxd(?!?)
  14. Dbmag9
  15. guillom
  16. Maurreen
  17. Kpjas
  18. Cormaggio (hopefully)
  19. SabineCretella (if possible)
  20. Gmaxwell
  21. Anthere