Guida per las eleccions a Steward (an 2013)

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This page is a translated version of the page Stewards/Elections 2013/Guidelines and the translation is 46% complete.
Aquesta pagina es una guida pels utilizaires interessats en votar o èsser candidat en las eleccions a steward. Se vos plai liegetz cada seccion correspondenta de contunh.


Abans de votar, vos avètz de:

  • aver un compte en Mèta (en aqueste projècte);
  • aver un compte global (o un compte en Mèta amb un enlace a la pagina d'utilizaire de lo sieu wiki origina e un ligam en la pagina d'utilizaire de lo sieu wiki origina a lo sieu compte en Mèta);
  • pas èsser un bot o utilizar lo compte basicament amb aquestas fins;
  • aver realizat, almens 600 edicions abans del 1 de novembre del 2012 (en una wiki, o d'edicions en de wikis unificadas que pòdon èsser combinadas);
  • aver fach, almens 50 edicions entre lo 1 d'agost del 2012 e lo 31 de genièr del 2013 (amb los meteisses requisits que lo ponch anterior).

(Podètz verificar los requisits escriches amunt automaticament.)


Se vos plai vejatz lo portal de traduccion de las eleccions a stewards per mai de detalhs.

Suggestions pels participants

  • Podètz far de questions als candidats en la pagina de questions. Se vos plai far pas mai de doas questions per candidat e realizatz-las çò mai cuert possible.
  • Podètz apondre una cuerta explicacion (de doas linhas al pus mai) de contunh de lo tieu vòt. De convèrsas longas (coma de responsas a d'autres votants) seràn mogudas a la pagina de discussion de la candidatura, en daissant un ligam per que lo rèste d'utilizaires sapiatz ont s'es mogut.
  • Coma qualques utilizaires an desactivat lo CentralNotice, poiretz informar tanben a d'autres utilizaires que sián interessats en participar en la votacion.


Requisits prealables

Se vos plai liegetz amb suenh tot aqueste tèxt abans de te nomenar. Se complissètz pas aquestes requisits prealables, seretz automaticament desqualificat.

Before applying for stewardship, you must:

  • agree to abide by the policies governing steward access, checkuser access, oversight access, and privacy;
  • have a global (SUL) account;
  • have a user account on this Meta wiki (attached to your unified account);
  • have an account on at least one Wikimedia Foundation project where you have been active for at least six months;
  • hold or have held administrator rights on at least one Wikimedia Foundation project for a period of at least three months.

Also, because steward work can lead to legal consequences and involvement (see the checkuser and oversight policies), you must:

  • be at least 18 years old, and at least the age of majority in your country, before the final day of voting;
  • provide your full name and proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Stewards are preferably multilingual, because steward work often involves projects of varying language, but this is not a requirement. They should also be available on a reasonably common basis. The stewards policy sets limitations; for example, stewards may not use their access on projects that they are active on to avoid conflicts of interest, and are encouraged to watch and help on the steward request pages. They can also join the IRC channel #wikimedia-stewardsconnect on freenode to answer requests.

Inactive stewards will have their access removed.

Provide proof of identity