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Do you want to include local partners, institutions or experts in our movement-wide dialogue about the future of Wikimedia? Below is more guidance for how to have one-on-one conversations with people who have valuable expertise but have not yet had the chance to join the conversation.

Inleiding en achtergrond

Thank your local expert/partner for their time, and share background information on why you are asking for their perspective. Here is a sample script:

  • Wikimedia is hosting a global dialogue to define Wikimedia's future role in the world and develop a collaborative strategy to fulfill that role. We are talking with experts/partners like you to broaden our perspective on important trends and key opportunities for us.
  • Wikimedia is a movement to share free knowledge with every person on the planet. Today, we work toward this vision by supporting Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, with the help of nearly 100,000 volunteers across 290 languages around the globe.
  • We will be building a report from these conversations to share with other members of the Wikimedia community. We will not quote you directly without your permission. Is that acceptable?


Ask them questions about their perspective on important trends and key opportunities for Wikimedia. Here are some ideas:

  • Background: Tell me more about the current work you do. What is your role?
  • Trends: What are some of the trends you are seeing today that might impact how people access, use, and share knowledge over the next 5-10 years?
  • Wikipedia: What do you think of Wikipedia? What do you think Wikipedia’s role should be in the world? Where can Wikimedia be most impactful?
  • Collaboration: Are there ways that Wikipedia could be more useful in your work or field? What do you think we could accomplish together?
  • Other: Is there anything else you would like to share?
  • Connections: Is there anyone else who you think we should speak with about this? Would you be willing to connect us?

Don’t forget to thank them again for their time.

Summary: Fill out this form with a brief summary of your conversation.

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