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This is an open discussion space to define potential priorities for implementing the initiatives, changes and actions of the Wikimedia 2030 Strategy. It is broadly intended to help online contributors take part in the Movement Strategy Global Events through a discussion process.

This page, including its formatting and any subpages, are open for direct editing and improvement (or suggestions for improvement) by any contributor. Kindly beware that discussions in this space should ideally take place before the second part of the Global Conversations: that is, before 4 December 2020.

You can also propose lightning talks for the 5-6 December Global Conversations.

How to use this?[edit]

Because it aspires to tackle a fairly complex process of prioritization, this space may not be immediately intuitive to navigate. Here are some clarifications:

  • You may find below a list of the ten Strategy recommendations. By clicking on any of them, you are led to a separate page where there dedicated sections for each of the individual changes and actions (A.K.A. intitiatives).
  • It's proposed that users can use these sections to expresss {{support}}, {{oppose}} or {{comment}} regarding the priority of a certain initiative.
  • It's also possible to use the extra buttons:
  • Discuss (creating a talk page section, to further discuss this intitiative, while keping the discussions for each initiative under a single section), or
  • Create a sub-page (to create a dedicated page for the initiative on Meta, if it feels needed, while keeping a standard namespace for all sub-pages).

Although this page is set up in English, you're welcome to post comments in any language. If you would like to set up a similar place space in your own language, feel free to get in touch or request assistance from the Support Team.

Discussion spaces[edit]

Below are links to discuss the initiatives under each recommendation. If you wish to read the original text of the Strategy recommendations, click here.

Increase the Sustainability of our Movement Invest in Skills and Leadership Development
Improve User Experience Manage Internal Knowledge
Provide for Safety and Inclusion Identify Topics for Impact
Ensure Equity in Decision-making Innovate in Free Knowledge
Coordinate Across Stakeholders Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt

Global priorities[edit]

Wikimedia Community Group SudanWikimedians of the LevantWikimedia IsraelWikimedia MAWikiDZ (Algeria)Wikimedia ArgentinaWikimedia FranceWikimedia Deutschland for German Online-Community (Wikipedia)Wikimedia NorgeWikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New ZealandWikimedians of CameroonWikimedia Community User Group Côte d'IvoireWikimedia User Group Guinea ConakryCommunity in SénégalWikimedia United KingdomWikimedia EspañaSan Diego Wikimedians User GroupWikimujeres User GroupAfroCROWDWikimedians for Sustainable DevelopmentLes sans pagEsIberocoopWikiDonneWikimedia TaiwanWikimedia NYCWikimedia District of ColumbiaWikimedia AustraliaPhilippine Wikimedia CommunityHablon User Group of Wikimedians in the PhilippinesWikimedia Community User Group Hong KongWikimedia TaiwanWest Bengal Wikimedians User GroupWikimedia Community User Group MalaysiaWikimedia IndonesiaWest African Strategy MeetupESEAPArt+FeminismWiki Cemeteries User GroupAccess to Knowledge (A2K)Access to Knowledge (A2K)Myanmar Wikimedia Community User GroupCeltic KnotWikimedians in Residence Exchange NetworkWALRUSWikimedia TanzaniaWikimedia SverigeVietnam Wikimedians User GroupWikimedia Nigeria Foundation Inc.Wikimedia Community User Group UgandaWikimedians of Santali Language User GroupJenga Wikipedia ya KiswahiliWikimedia LGBT+Wikimedia NederlandMovement Strategy priorities map.png
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