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Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Transition/Discuss/Coordinate Across Stakeholders

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This is an open discussion space dedicated to defining potential priorities for implementation from the Coordinate Across Stakeholders recommendation.

Living documents to define responsibilities for specific areas of work[edit]

Create and keep updated shared documents defining clear responsibilities and expected capabilities for specific activities like advocacy, capacity building, partnerships, product, and technology, among others. These documents will reflect common shared values, needs, principles, and accountability and facilitate growth and inclusivity.

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Enhance communication and collaboration capacities[edit]

  • Create spaces for communication and collaboration between and with technical contributors to increase the scale and impact of our work and infrastructure sustainability:
  • Create a space for partners and other collaborators on specific content area workflows that require tools, updating, and improving.
  • Create a space for participation and communication for third-party developers.
  • Identify and resolve core barriers to make way for collaborative work on modern technologies, creating new interfaces, and improving our user experiences.
  • Improve communication channels and spaces between developers and communities to receive feedback as well as to create processes for mentoring, training, and organizing code review and documentation writing, among others.
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Technology Council[edit]

Create a Technology Council to establish processes for introducing new functionalities onto Wikimedia platforms and tools. The aim is to improve communication between staff developers and other technical contributors to better network, coordinate innovation, provide and obtain support, and foster input on decisions and resource allocations that impact communities.

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