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Harmonization Sprint in September 2020 in Tunis
By Sailesh Patnaik, CC BY-SA 4.0

We have a Strategic Direction, recommendations and principles to guide future change for the Wikimedia movement as a whole. Now we need to figure out how we make that change happen so decisions are made and action is taken in collaboration with the people and communities impacted by them, through a Transition into implementation.


To make the transition from the publication of the recommendations to their implementation, we need a plan! To create this plan movement-wide virtual events will kick off in September. We will use the Movement Strategy principles as a guiding framework to ensure the planning will be inclusive and will empower our diverse range of movement actors without leaving anyone behind.

We lost the chance to work on this transition to implementation together in-person at the Wikimedia Summit. Yet we gained an opportunity to include a higher number and a more diverse profile of participants. Engaging with online contributors, technical developer communities, and smaller user groups in the planning process will be a key priority.

Successful virtual engagement with a high number of diverse participants can be challenging. A Design Group will prepare for the virtual transition discussions. This group will consist of community members reflecting different parts and perspectives of the movement (see selection criteria).

Anyone who is interested can contribute. We will publish regular updates of the preparation work and discussions so that anyone interested will be able to share insights and help improve the process even if not part of the design group itself.



On wiki[edit]

Those interested in participating in the open review of the transition plan are welcome to share their input on the Discussion page

  • July: Feel free to review the regular updates from the Design Group and share your perspective to enrich the thinking and improve the events.
  • August: A larger round of community feedback is planned in August, once a draft is available for the design of online Transition events.

Via calls[edit]

  • The Core Team organized office hours on Wednesday, June 10 @ 17:00 UTC (Google Meet link) and Thursday, June 11 @ 08:00 UTC (Google Meet link) to answer any questions related to transition (minutes).
  • Feedback and discussion calls will be organized online on TBD July 2020 to gather community input on the design draft.

Via e-mail[edit]

We are also available to clarify things via email strategy2030 (_AT_)

In events[edit]

We look forward to working with many of you at the virtual transition events:

  • Ways to participate and schedule of events will be clarified by the Design Group. The current plan is to start the virtual transition discussions with the movement in September.
  • The virtual events is where major discussions will happen on sequencing, prioritizing and resourcing the recommendations across the Movement.


Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 9 July: The Design Group held its first regular working session, out of a total of five. The discussion topics were mainly around the considerations for the design of the upcoming Transition events in September. A summary is available for review and feedback.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 29 June: The Design Group composition has been announced. The group will be working together for the next several weeks to draft a Transition plan.
Wikimedia Community Logo.svg 9 June: The call for nominations of the Transition Design Group members, to certain communities and regions, is now open.


June 8 - June 21


Call for nominations for Design Group

June 22 - Late July


Work of the Design Group and open design with the wider Movement

Early August


Share a draft of the online events plan for community feedback



Preparation of the online events

September to October


Series of online events to discuss the implementation



Delivery of the start-up (1-year) implementation plan

Further reading[edit]

Although the Wikimedia Summit 2020 has been cancelled, we're hoping to bring even a more diverse group of the Movement together in a series of online events for the Transition into Movement Strategy implementation.