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This speech was read by Kaarel Vaidla in the end of the global meeting on Saturday, November 21. It's published here with his permission, in the hope that it will be fun to translate!

Thank you for joining the global conversations,
I am grateful for your work around prioritization,
Discussing what is important for the global coordination,
It supports our movement in strategic transformation,
To figure out what we’ll start with in the implementation,

We will continue this discussion as a wiki conversation,
Reporting back online and manage integration,
Of feedback on the heatmap and the work on prioritization,
Then in two weeks we’ll meet again for cooperation,
Beginning of December in a meeting constellation.

If gathering today worked well for inspiration,
Created motivation and increased your dedication,
I am kindly asking you to take care of registration,
For December 5 and 6, we will share the information,
Next Wednesday - look out for invitation!

Moving on from here, to provide a clarification,
The focus of discussion will move on to concentration,
On how to ensure effective participation,
Across our movement in actual implementation,
For this we need reflection, self-assessment, evaluation,
Of our capacity and skills and resource allocation,
To mindfully support a better integration,
Of the strategy work in our daily occupation,
Across the affiliates and also in the Foundation,
Together with communities in constructive complementation.

I would like to share again my heartfelt appreciation,
To all of you joining these exciting conversations!