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"abduction" under "law"

At some point over the summer the legal concept of "abduction" (= kidnapping) was changed to "alien abduction," the idea that people may be taken by extra-terrestrials, non-human aliens. Clearly that's a mistake, so I've fixed it; "alien abduction" may not belong on this list at all, but if it does, it should be under "esoterics" (in the "religion" section). I think the entry on "extraterrestrial life," already present under "astronomy," sufficiently covers it, though. A. Mahoney (talk) 19:59, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

I don't want to get into an edit war, but I note my change has been reverted with no explanation. Alien abduction clearly does not belong under "law" in this list; abduction or kidnapping does, and is certainly the intended article. If "alien abduction" is considered a suitable topic, it needs to go somewhere else; is there consensus that this is more important than the abduction of humans by fellow humans? A. Mahoney (talk) 13:24, 6 January 2015 (UTC)
The page you're linking to is a disambiguation page. I don't think we should have disambiguation pages in this list. The entry has since been changed to kidnapping. Boivie (talk) 16:50, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

Medicine and Disease rewrite

I propose full rewrite of Medicine anf Disease sections:

  1. to move all diseases from Medicine to Diseases (f.e. Injury section, Aneurism, Myocardial infarction...);
  2. to sort out all diseases to sections according to w:ICD-10 (section names can or cannot be wikified);
  3. some minor changes to retain important articles already in list.

--Igel B TyMaHe (talk) 13:04, 21 May 2015 (UTC)

I don't know much about the subject, but I'm glad you are willing to improve those sections.
In the list of 1000 articles, four new articles have been added, that probably also should be added to this list:
  1. nerve
  2. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3. epilepsy
  4. Gastroenteritis Viral
Would you consider them in your rewrite? Boivie (talk) 07:01, 22 May 2015 (UTC)
Nerve is obviously an anatomic item, the next three could be added... instead of what? Epilepsy is the most important of three, should be in the list. Can cut cancer types to 3-4 types. Based on data from w:en:Epidemiology of cancer, the most important cancers are prostate cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer (highest mortality and occurence), breast cancer (highest occurence). COPD and Gastroenteritis are confusing me. Foodborne illness covers much wider and much common illnesses than Gastroenteritis Viral. Ulcer (both skin and peptic) seems more common than COPD and has no cover at all. Ok, I mark changes: Ulcer and three more articles from the list of 1000 added, four cut out. --Igel B TyMaHe (talk) 12:43, 22 May 2015 (UTC)
It seems like noone is opposing your suggestions, so please go ahead and change the list. Most of us have been bold and changed without previous discussions. And there is still lots of room for improvements of the list, and few that are willing to help, so I don't think previous discussions should be required. Boivie (talk) 15:17, 26 May 2015 (UTC)

Proposed changes

(Just sorted already present articles. You can see, how many disease classes are not in list)

Medicine, 76

Disease, 123

General illnesses, 15 16

  1. Bleeding
  2. Brain damage
  3. Disability
  4. Foodborne illness
  5. Hypoxia (medical)
  6. Infectious disease
    1. Sexually transmitted disease
  7. Inflammation
  8. Injury
  9. Mental disorder
  10. ParalysisNEW!
  11. Poison
    1. Pathogen
    2. Toxin
  12. Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  13. UlcerNEW!
  14. Syndrome

Disease, 108

  1. Disease
Infection, 35
  1. AIDS
  2. Anthrax
  3. Botulism
  4. Bubonic plague
  5. Chickenpox
  6. Cholera
  7. Common cold
  8. Dengue fever
  9. Diphtheria
  10. Dysentery
  11. Encephalitis
  12. Ebola virus disease
  13. Gonorrhea
  14. Hand, foot and mouth disease
  15. Herpes simplex
  16. Leprosy
  17. Lyme disease
  18. Malaria
  19. Measles
  20. Mumps
  21. Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  22. Poliomyelitis
  23. Rabies
  24. Salmonellosis (chaged from d:Q150839)
  25. Scabies
  26. Scarlet fever
  27. Smallpox
  28. Syphilis
  29. Tetanus
  30. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy
  31. Tuberculosis
  32. Typhoid fever
  33. Typhus
  34. West Nile fever (changed from d:Q158856)
  35. Yellow fever
Neoplasms 11 8
  1. Cancer
    1. Breast cancer
    2. Colorectal cancer
    3. Leukemia
    4. Lung cancer
    5. Lymphoma
    6. Prostate cancer
    7. Skin cancer
      1. Melanoma
    8. Tumor
      1. Brain tumor
Blood disease, 0
Endocrine diseas, 1
  1. Diabetes mellitus
Mental disease, 9
  1. Autism
  2. Bipolar disorder
  3. Major depressive disorder
  4. Mental retardation
  5. Neurosis
  6. Posttraumatic stress disorder
  7. Psychosis
    1. Delusion
  8. Schizophrenia
Diseases of the nervous system, 5 6
  1. Alzheimer's disease
  2. Dementia
  3. EpilepsyNEW!
  4. Meningitis
  5. Multiple sclerosis
  6. Parkinson's disease
Eye disease, 2
  1. Blindness
  2. Color blindness
Ear Diseases of the ear and mastoid process, 1
  1. Deafness
Diseases of the circulatory system, 6
  1. Aneurysm
  2. Cardiac arrest
  3. Heart disease
  4. Hypertension
  5. Myocardial infarction
  6. Stroke
Diseases of the respiratory system, 6
  1. Asthma
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseNEW!
  4. Influenza
    1. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1
  5. Pneumonia
  6. Respiratory failure
Diseases of the digestive system, 2 3
  1. Cirrhosis
  2. Gastroenteritis ViralNEW!
  3. Hepatitis
Skin disease, 0
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, 0
Diseases of the genitourinary system, 0
Congenital malformations, 1
  1. Down syndrome
Symptoms, 6
  1. Coma
    1. Persistent vegetative state
  2. Gangrene
  3. Hallucination
  4. Headache
  5. Shock (circulatory)
Injury, poisoning, 7
  1. Allergy
  2. Bone fracture
  3. Bruise
  4. Burn
  5. Frostbite
  6. Mushroom poisoning
  7. Wound

Epic: which of 3 items?

I agree that "epic" is an important topic (under Arts), but there are 3 overlapping Wikidata items here: d:Q37484, which is the Epic poetry article in :en and de:Epos in :de; d:Q2367164, which is Epic (genre) in :en and doesn't have an article in :de; and d:Q1097273, which doesn't have an article in :en but is Epik in :de and Poësis epica in :la, where I noticed the discrepancy. Which one do we want? A. Mahoney (talk) 19:59, 7 July 2015 (UTC)

Victor Kovalenko

The best! Khodakov Pavel (talk) 12:21, 9 July 2015 (UTC)

how can we see ?

How can we see the current situvation of malayalam wikipedia and other wikipedias in List of articles every Wikipedia should have/Expanded?(stubs,long article etc)--AJITH MS (talk) 18:55, 20 August 2015 (UTC)

List of Wikipedias by expanded sample of articles? Boivie (talk) 20:53, 20 August 2015 (UTC)

winkThanks!--AJITH MS (talk) 13:00, 21 August 2015 (UTC)