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The translation table is a hack; by all means help to improve its layout. But please don't make meta: less multilingual without replacement. Were there any chance of quickly getting full translations of "Trophy box" into Trophäekasten, 授与された賞, &c, there would be little need for such a hack. +sj+


Eloquence: Please explain transclusion in this context. This page is currently rarely-updated and monolingual, so I imagine it needs more visitors rather than easier transclusion. Is meta:Trophy box being quoted somewhere by a script? I've put the first lines above the table, just in case. +sj+

Other projects?[edit]

Only Wikipedia is mentioned at the moment. Brianjd 04:11, 2005 Mar 6 (UTC)

Appears now there's other projects. Usually only Wikipedia wins the awards, not any other project. -- user:zanimum


  • 李安科,“WIKI百科全书:颤栗的乌托邦”,《》,2005年01月10日[1]
“用WIKI 做百科全书,立意过于宏大;而编辑方式,在现阶段是无法保证其质量的。这是一个WIKI技术典型的失败应用案例,而其在近三年的发展过程中,充分验证了 “酒与污水定律”在虚拟社区依旧颠扑不破:把一匙酒倒进一桶污水,得到的是一桶污水;如果把一匙污水倒进一桶酒,得到的还是一桶污水。”

That's a criticism of wikipedia. Translation:..that's a classic example of the problems of wikis...

Fair use and logos[edit]

We should be careful not to hamper discussions on meta about partners and awarding organizations by preventing the use of their logos -- which often are copyright, since organizations regularly confuse trademark with copyright (even the WMF does from time to time ;) -- with an overly strict policy on fair use. A 2004 web award icon, intended for display on the sites of winning organiations, was removed for such a reason; which I restored. Discussion also at Meta talk:Inclusion policy. +sj | help with translation |+ 00:30, 28 April 2008 (UTC)