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The DC metro area is big, one of the biggest in the US. So the question is, how far out do we extend it? It would be simplest to extend it to all of Virginia, Maryland, DC, and West Virginia. Problem is, there are people in the southern areas of Virginia and West Virginia, who aren't really DC accessible. So, should we attempt to include them under the scope? Or can we specifically target parts of northern Virginia, and northeast West Virginia? The benefit of specific targeting is that it allows for the eventual creation of a Virginia chapter, or for example in the north, a Pennsylvania or Delaware chapter that wouldn't be competing with the DC area chapter. On the other hand, there's no guarantee such chapters will exist, or that they couldn't be better served by being part of the DC area chapter anyway. It's significantly easier to just say "the entire state". For clarity, Maryland, District of Columbia, Vriginia and West Virginia would avoid any ambiguity.

How to relate with other US-based chapters?[edit]

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How does the Wikimedia DC chapter want to relate with other chapters in the United States, such as Wikimedia NYC. There is a proposal to form a Wikimedia United States Chapters Council that can coordinate things like obtaining group tax exemption, and provide assistance to yet-to-be-formed chapters.

Inviting you to participate in the women editing contest "The women you have never met"[edit]

Dear Wikimedia District of Columbia!

Hope this message finds you all well :) On behalf of Iberocoop network I want to invite you to be part of the women editing contest we are organizing along with many other chapters and user groups in the movement. You are doing an excellent work on your local context and we will be so pleased to have you on board. In this very early stage, we are asking the organizations to add their interest in the following meta page Hope to see you there soon! Hugs----Anna Torres (WMAR) --Anna Torres (WMAR) (talk) 15:31, 25 January 2018 (UTC)

Learning Quarterly: January 2018[edit]

L&E Newsletter / Volume 5 / Issue 15 / January 2018
Learning Quarterly

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