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How do we overcome language gap ?[edit]

I landed here from an abandoned page, Wikimedia Resource Center and asked if we Do we internationalize this page: I applied the metaphor of:

[quote] Like hubs are learning via Let's Connect, a peer learning platform, and if we bridge meta ppl through a door of magic / どこでもドア (dokodemo doa) to Knowledge_Sharing/Connect, and here we have this page to offer, or not? (NB:"※" = a magic door to anywhere you wish to land) [unquote]

I believe that we already have a "Anywhere Door" in front of us across the WM Movement, but sadly, which is still to be discovered by many readers/users, affiliates and WMF staff. And the key to open the door in any language is on the shoulders of translators/interpreters, paid or volunteer.

Then, how do we move forward, reading at least Meta to understand announcements, procedures or basic policies of our Wikimedia Movement in our mother tongues/local languages ? Aren't there anybody left behind because of language gap? For my one cent forward for the translatiors-to-be, there is a scattered list on my userpage for how-tos and useful pages.

  1. thesauri: I am desparate to see why TermBase or other thesauri is not available to anybody in our Movement; do we share knowledge without common base of languages/jargons we have invented over the years? And how grantee-to-be file their applicaions if they misconcept those jargons but find it a goo idea talking in the language of the same feather?
  2. translation training camp: any document we share as the norm/standard to wade the world of Wikimedia, there needs to be some initiation course, maybe self-teaching;
  3. writing traing camp: often times, if I may point out, those with "(WMF)" post fix needs training to write translation-friendly texts: sharing knowledge is not for contents of WM Projects, but more so for the sentences we share for each initiatives;
  4. hub of translators/interpreters: Why are there no teams taking care of us "stray" translators/interpreters? The FY plan says the target languages are expanded for over 30, but without common thesauri, no board to ask and share labor, where do we navigate the sharing of knowledge? How are we going to help/dissapoint our readers?

FYI, I am worried why we cannot reach out and overcome language gap: at least for en-ja-en translation/interpretation, it is always short of hands: Users are not sure if they will spend their hours for Metawiki, as their excitement is small or not backed up by proper translation mentoring on Meta compared to the checking system on WM Projects.

We reach out for readers and invite them join WM for the joy of sharing knowledge; and our Projects announce so many information from WMF, while putting them into local language IMHO asks for barbaric courage, or when you click on the embedded links to Meta, or the "see this link" target site, there is no testing stick (thesauri) nor safe space (hub for mentoring/sharing experience with peer translators/interpreters.)

My motive: I have been trying to cut through the maze of Metawiki ever since deciding to assist in en-ja-en translation: there are too many transliteration, or ja culture has invented Katakana script over 1,000 yrs ago, and since 1868, it is semi-official to phonetically spell out non-Japanese ideas. That is the background for the largest gap-cultivating factor as far as I understand, either Media Movement or not.

Thank you @I JethroBT (WMF) to clarify the name of the door. Omotecho (talk) 13:49, 20 May 2024 (UTC)Reply