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Talk:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2017/Funds Dissemination Committee Ombudsperson

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Info The election ended 11 June 2017. No more votes will be accepted.
The results were announced on 19 June 2017. Please consider submitting any feedback regarding the 2017 election on the election's post mortem page.

Is the feedback to the FDC ?; translation[edit]

I am confused about the feedback the ombudsperson gives to which party: Is the feedback given to the claimer by the ombudsperson? Or is it rather a comment to FDC by him/her attached to the public documents he/she made? It says in one part that "...The purpose of the FDC Ombudsperson... and to feedbacks and recommendations to the Board of Trustees...", whereas in other part it says "...an annual report... that summarizes the feedback it (ombudsperson or FDC?) receives and make recommendations..." ----Omotecho (talk) 17:48, 22 May 2017 (UTC)Reply

Results delay[edit]

Hi all, Just a note that we're a bit behind on the vote announcement goal (Thursday June 15th). We're not far off (and there are no significant issues with the election) just running a bit slower on certification then expected. Jalexander--WMF