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個人或最多4個人的團隊。 查看其他資助選項

Willing to provide full legal name and address. See more program rules



Scoped to 6 months, with potential to renew for 6 more if need is shown.


Aimed at improving one or more of Wikimedia's existing websites. Creating a new wiki instead?

技術項目應獨立完成。 Development of templates, gadgets, bots, and standalone applications are welcome. Software projects requiring code review and integration must demonstrate commitment from the related maintainers.

Any code or other materials produced must be published and released as free and open-source.

Licensing should be compatible with current Wikimedia and MediaWiki practices.




  1. 潛在影響-是否符合維基媒體的戰略重點?它具有在線影響力嗎?贈款結束後能否持續,擴展或改編?
  2. Innovation and learning - Does it take an innovative approach to solving a key problem for the Wikimedia movement? Is the potential impact greater than the risks? Can we measure success?

  3. Ability to execute - Can the scope be accomplished in 6 months? How realistic/efficient is the budget? Do the participants have the necessary skills/experience?

  4. Community engagement - Does it have a specific target community within the Wikimedia movement, and plan to engage it often? Does it have community support? Does it support diversity?

  5. 可用資金總額-由維基媒體基金會每年批准。