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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Stewards and the translation is 22% complete.
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Each page calls Template:Stewards/layout, where defined style and translatable elements.

This template is now autotranslatable (you may still use TNT to transclude it, but this is no longer necessary, TNTN will be used automatically to match translation)

If you want to transclude a specific language, you should use the following syntax:


The defaut value for the optional uselang parameter is the language code of the current content page (see {{CURRENTCONTENTLANGUAGE}}). If the translation is not available, it will correctly use an existing fallback if possible (or the English version otherwise).

Please do not transclude directly the translated subpages of this template (this still works but requires maintenance, notably in translatable pages which may not display the expected language).

Create new translation

For creating new translation please use the translate link above the languages list.