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Toolhub/The Quality Signal Sessions

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Today users only have word of mouth to rely on as to the "quality" of a tool. It is very difficult to determine if a tool will be around next year or even tomorrow. Will it keep up with changes that happen on-wiki (policies, standards)? Will it keep up with infrastructure changes (API updates, hosting platform changes, wiki hosting changes)? Does it even have active maintainers? Is there a "best" way to get help?

The first release of Toolhub aims to make it easier to find tools that exist in the Wikimedia ecosystem. While this is great, tool users and developers still won’t have much information on which tools might be reliable and safe to use; or which tools might be a good fit for contribution. The Toolhub team plans to provide more insights into these questions through a number of “quality indicators” in the first half of 2022.

What are useful indicators for quality?

  • As a tool user, how do you know which tool is reliable, useful, and safe to use?
  • As a tool maintainer, what makes it attractive to you to contribute to an existing tool?
  • What information are you looking for to decide whether to join a tool project?

Join us for the Quality Signal Sessions!

The Quality Signal Sessions are:

  • A discussion with the tool maintainers on this article's talk page throughout August
  • A discussion in the social space at Wikimania
  • A discussion with the Wikidata community at the Wikidata IRC office hour
  • A jitsi call with the Women in Red community
  • ...

Want to organize a Quality Signal Session in your community in August/early September? Please get in touch on the talk page! We can run up to 3 more sessions. Each session is 1-1.5 hours long. If you are a tool user and prefer to provide written input, please feel very welcome to comment on the talk page throughout August!

Quality Signal Sessions: The Wikimania edition[edit]

Date & time: Sunday 2021-08-15, 18:00-19:00 UTC

Join the meeting: https://meet.jit.si/ToolhubAtWikimania (more details).

Organizers: Srishti, Seve, Bryan

Notes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/toolhub-wikimania

Add your name below if you are interested to join:

  1. SSethi (WMF) (talk) 18:42, 30 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  2. BDavis (WMF) (talk)
  3. Anupamdutta73 (talk) 05:38, 28 July 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  4. ★NealMcB★ (talk) 22:41, 4 August 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  5. ....

Quality Signal Sessions: The Wikidata edition[edit]

Date & time: July 28th 2021, 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CEST

Join the meeting: Wikidata Telegram channel

Organizers: Seve, Srishti

Notes: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Events/IRC_office_hour_2021-07-28 (2021-07-28T16:04:06–2021-07-28T16:10:47)

Add your name below if you are interested to join:

  1. SSethi (WMF) (talk) 18:42, 30 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  2. BDavis (WMF) (talk)
  3. Oby Ezeilo (talk) 02:41, 28 July 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  4. Salgo60 (talk) 05:22, 28 July 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Quality Signal Sessions: The Women in Red edition[edit]

Date & time: July 29th 2021, 19:00 UTC

Join the meeting: https://meet.jit.si/ToolhubQualitySignalSessions

Organizers: Seve, Srishti

Notes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/toolhub-wir

Add your name below if you are interested to join:

  1. SSethi (WMF) (talk) 20:19, 30 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Rosiestep (talk) 13:39, 1 July 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  3. BDavis (WMF) (talk)
  4. Ipigott (talk) 11:27, 15 July 2021 (UTC) I will not be participating in the session but am interested in the findings and outome.[reply]
  5. Dsp13 (talk) 16:58, 15 July 2021 (UTC). Many apologies. I intended to join the session, but was confused about the time and did not do so. Grrr.[reply]
  6. Oby EzeiloOby Ezeilo (talk) 02:44, 28 July 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Quality Signal Sessions: The Tool Maintainers edition[edit]

This is an async feedback session

Join the discussion: Discussion topic for "Quality Signal Sessions: The Tool Maintainers edition"

Deadline to submit feedback on the talk page: August 31st, 2021