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基百科以世界十最常覽網址之一員踏入二〇〇七年。 這是我們成功的見證。
同時,這也帶來全新的責任與挑戰。我們刻劃 維基的未來時,必須保證維基百科與其他維基計劃內容可靠可以恆久發展


維基訪客與編者的餽贈,幫助我們走過了以往三年。新近的核算 顯示了我們如何謹慎地使用每一捐贈。現在我們需要更多資金以利各計劃成長。請考慮送一份禮物給維基媒體基金會。這份禮物是閣下於各維基媒體計劃之一項投資,以助維護這些資源;以確保當我們的社羣不斷壯大時,這些資源亦繼續方便而有用。

維基媒體理金理事會主席 二〇〇六年十二月

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Tax-deductibility of donations - Other donation methods
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Wikipedia is entering 2007 as one of the 10 most visited websites in the world. That's a great testament to our success.

However, with this success comes a new set of challenges and responsibilities. As we plan for the future of Wikipedia and all of the Wikimedia projects, our two most important goals now are the reliability of our content and the long-term sustainability of every project in which we are involved.

To meet these goals we have a lot of work to do, so I am asking for your help. In the coming year, the Wikimedia Foundation anticipates dramatically increasing spending to keep up with server and traffic capacity demands, add new staff on the organizational level, improve our software and develop methods to better ensure high quality content, all while making progress toward our goal of giving free knowledge to everyone.

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