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Template:OurProjects-eu (eu: langcode)[edit]

| OurProjectsIntro = <div style="margin-bottom: .7em; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; padding-bottom: .3em; text-align: center; font-size: 110%; font-weight: bold;">Wikimedia Fundazioaren proiektua ([[Our projects|gehiago irakurri...]])</div>| WikipediaSubdomain = eu| WikibooksSubdomain = eu| WikiquoteSubdomain = eu| WikisourceSubdomain = www| WiktionarySubdomain = eu| WikinewsSubdomain = www| WikispeciesSubdomain = eu| WikiversitySubdomain = www| WikipediaName = Wikipedia| WikibooksName = Wikiliburuak| WikiquoteName = Wikiesanak| WikisourceName = Wikiteka| WiktionaryName = Wikiztegia| WikinewsName = Wikialbisteak| CommonsName = Commons| WikispeciesName = Wikiespezieak| WikipediaDescription = Entziklopedia askea| WikibooksDescription = Testuliburuak eta manualak| WikiquoteDescription = Esanek bilduma| WikisourceDescription = Dokumentu askeak| WiktionaryDescription = Hiztegia sinonimoekin| WikinewsDescription = Albiste askeak euskaraz| CommonsDescription = Fitxategien datu-basea| WikiversityName = Wikibertsitatea| WikiversityDescription = Hezkuntza plataforma askea| WikispeciesDescription = Espezieen gidaliburua| CommonsMainPage = Azala| WikispeciesMainPage = Azala| WikisourceMainPage = Main_Page:Euskara}}