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Expanding the presence of notable women from Maharashtra on Marathi Wikipedia who are otherwise less represented. There is high level of gender gap on Marathi Wikipedia community where an event like this will contribute in educating people about gender gap along with expanding women related content. This will include acquiring existing resources and re-licensing existing content, bringing more content related women on Wikimedia commons. Some of notable women from Maharashtra;

  • Smt. Savitribai Phule
  • Dr. Aanadibai Joshi
  • Sindhutai Sapkal
  • Pratibha Patil-Shekhawat



In order to accomplish the above goals institutional partnerships will be built and with the help of those institutions a lot of students, faculties, staffers and scholars will be participating in Wikipedia outreach activities. Various online and offline outreach activities will be conducted to leverage encyclopedic content from various resources. Wikipedians will be provided support to travel and collect photographs, conduct outreach and find resources from libraries.

  • 3 outreach programs and month long edit-a-thon
  • Reaching out to 10000 people using conventional and online media.
  • Actively engaging with about 500 people.
  • Around 100 articles would be created and 50 more would be enhanced with more information and citation.
  • Acquiring 50 free licensed photographs.


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