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We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees' programs. Please use the table below to let us know how your programs contributed to the Grant Metrics. We understand not all Grant or grantee-defined Metrics will be relevant for all programs, so feel free to put "0" where necessary. For each program include the following table and

  1. Next to each required metric, list the outcome/results achieved for all of your programs included in your proposal.
  2. Where necessary, explain the context behind your outcome.
  3. In addition to the Global Metrics as measures of success for your programs, there is another table format in which you may report on any OTHER relevant measures of your programs success

For more information and a sample, see Grant Metrics.

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
Participants 2,841 CIS-A2K's existing and new institutional partners have helped us to achieve these targets as well as the events conducted under Focused Language Area (FLA) and Focused Project Area. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to  conduct many events in the work plan and therefore the targets were not achieved completely. 
Newly Registered 899
Content Pages

On Wikipedia

  • 470 new Wikipedia pages
  • 1517 articles have been developed

On Wikisource

  • 23,461 folios were proofread
  • 11,299 folios were validated
  • 7,848 Page namespace pages were created
  • 22,000 folios scanned to upload on Wikisource

On Wikidata

  • 41,263 Indian language labels added


  • 109 books have been released under free-license and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  • 83 books in the public domain have been scanned and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  • 145 images have been released under the free-licenses
  • Community level events conducted by CIS-A2K have helped to achieve these targets. 
  • Online events based on the community interest and requirements have helped to achieve these targets. 
  • Focused Project Areas - Wikisource & Wikidata - have helped to achieve these targets. 
Footprint Tracker 26

CIS-A2K events/activities took place in the following cities/places.[1]

Gender ratio An aggregate of approx 41% of female Wikimedians have taken part in the events organised by CIS-A2K.  Please see Gender ratio here
Metric Projected Target

Institutional partnership[edit]


Student training at Samskrita Bharati[edit]

A 3-day special workshop/training was conducted for the students of Christ University with the help of Samskrita Bharati, Aksharam on “Editing and proof-reading in SamskritWikisource” was conducted in the month of September 2019. Eleven students of 2nd year course took part in workshop/training. They were briefed about the purpose and benefits of Wikipedia and Wikisource as well as how it is useful for society by the Sanskrit Wikipedians at Samskrita Bharati. 

The main purpose of the workshop was to motivate the students to work on Wikisource, the online library. Various aspects of Wikisource such as OCR, Page alignment and proofreading were explained. All eleven students were willing to work on Wikisource. Therefore, the Page Layout and proof-reading task in SamskritWikisource were taught. Each student was given an assignment of 30 pages of KautiliyamArthashastram & BhartruhariSubhashitam

Certificate course at Christ[edit]

Certificate course was started at Christ as an active step to enable the spread of content writing on Wikipedia in vernacular languages and also to motivate more number of students and create more interest among students community to contribute on Wikimedia platforms.

During the certificate course, students get training for 45 hours which includes on Wiki contribution and discussion with the community members. In this academic year, 30 students took part in the certificate course in Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and Sanskrit languages.

This course is designed with the help of the needs assessment of the students. This course has three major components:

  • Introduction to Wikipedia - This incorporates the history of online encyclopedias and Wikipedia itself, using sources, choosing and drafting articles and moving articles to the main space.
  • How to edit and publish articles - Here, common templates, editing and Wikification of articles, adding content such as tables and references, legal aspects, policies and guidelines, tackling vandalism and tools for producing illustrations are dealt with.
  • Wikipedia’s reliability and social significance - Under this component, Wikipedia is discussed in a critical and evaluative manner, where matters such as its ethics, existence as a social community, existence as a democratic project, use by students, teachers, librarians and journalists, criticisms and measures to improve its quality come under the purview.


On 28 & 29 February 2020, Wikipedia stall was arranged at a International Conference - Media Buzz organized by Alva's Journalism Department. This stall was put up to demonstrate the Wikipedia activities being conducted by Student's association at Alva's college and the top contributions from the college. Also, India's first Newseum - Alva's Newseum's newspaper exhibition was also arranged which included first editionsof newspapers and profile of Sreekar L. Bhandarkar, the coordinator Newseum. The main aim of the events was to spread the awareness about Wikimedia projects. 

On 21 February 2020, Wikipedia Internship Training was conducted for the students of Alva's college. This was an Internship programme for the students who are interested to contribute to Wikimedia projects. This was a 60 day-long internship programme where students worked on the set of assigned tasks based on the community needs. This helped students in learning the Wikimedia projects in depth and contribute to Kannada Wikimedia projects, mainly Wikipedia & Wikisource. Total 18 students from the undergraduate course took part in this programme.  

CIS-A2K organised a two day Wikisource workshop for the students of Wikipedia student association at Alva's college on 14 & 15 December 2019. This event was designed based on the requirements and needs of the student's community to enhance their skills in Wikisource. The student community at Alva's college has been contributing actively to Kannada Wikisource from past 10-12 months, but the students were lacking some of the advanced skills which would increase their knowledge and ease their contribution on Wikisource. To make the best use of the students' time,  a needs assessment was done to understand the requirements.  Topics like OCR, Advance proofreading techniques, Complex templates, Transclusion of Books and  Advance formatting using JS were taught to the students in this workshop. Total 18 students took part and proofread 231 pages, validated 54 pages, while total 2,720 edits were made. 

  • Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign was started and being continued to encourage students by highlighting their work and the achievements in the Wikimedia movement to the other college students. This helps in attracting more number of students to the Wikimedia world and boost the energy of the current student Wikimedians. 

Kannada Wikisource webinar[edit]

What? A Wikisource webinar was organised to guide the Kannada Wikisource community with advance proofreading techniques, transclusion, to discuss the common mistakes being done by the contributors and the next steps on which the community should work on. 

When? & Where? 30 June 2020 this  webinar was conducted 


Impact made:

Kannada Wikisource Online Contest[edit]

What? Wikisource Online contest for Kannada community members to proofread and validated more number of pages on Kannada Wikisource. This contest was open to all Kannada Wikimedians and Interested community members. 

When? & Where? This was an online contest from 15 March to 30 March 2020.

How? Due to COVID-19 institutional partners of CIS-A2K were not functional in a regular manner. In order to keep the motivation of the student community members, an Online Wikisource contest was planned with the help of the experienced Wikisource contributors. In order to start the contest, a set of rules and guidelines were discussed and followed in the contest, this contest was a 15-day online contest where 16 student community members took part and proofread more than 1300 pages and motivated the student community members to be regular contributors. 

Impact made: In this Wikisource contest, roughly 1,300 folios were proofread and 700+ page were validated. This contest also helped the Kannada community to motivate some of the student community editors to regularise in there contribution to Wikimedia projects.   


  • It was difficult to keep all participants motivated throughout the event, as some of them were busy in the college and other activities. 
  • A tool to measure the Wikisource contribution to be developed with the 100% accuracy, existing tools were having some issues and was not able to update the stats on time to motivate the community members. 

Corona virus Edit-a-thon[edit]

What? An online Edit-a-thon to was organised to create awareness about the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19) in the regional languages, which would help most of the people to understand about the pandemic in their native languages as some part of the people understand if the things are shared in the mother tongue. 

When? & Where? This Edit-a-thon was an online event which was organised for 15 days, but this writing sprint went more than the schedule as there was more number of article which needed to be created.  

How?COVID-19 edit-a-thon was planned and started in lockdown period in India, by the community members with the help of CIS-A2K to enrich the content on Kannada Wikipedia by creating the articles related to COVID-19. During this event, online meetups and discussion sessions were organised to have more interaction among the community members and to create the best article.  

Impact made: In this contest, more than 80 articles were created and the data related to the number of active cases, recoveries and  deaths is being updated on regular intervals. 

Request page[edit]

What? CIS-A2K started this programme in 2013 to support the Indian Wikimedians to conduct the Wikimedia events/activities.  This support includes financial, non-financial & Technical requests from the communities. The request page is open throughout the year for community members but due to COVID-19, it was closed from 13 March 2020 till further notice. 

When? & Where? CIS-A2K provides support to the Indic communities requests throughout the year posted on meta page - CIS-A2K/Requests

How? The request page was open to all the Indic Wikimedians from 1 July 2019 to 13 March 2020, due to COVID-19, this was closed in the month March following the instructions given by the Wikimedia Foundation. In this interval, we have received 13 Financial and one Non-Financial request. 

  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in India: West Bengal Wikimedians User group organised the Wiki Loves Monuments 2019 in India (WLM) for the second year in a row. Since WLM is an International level event, it is important for the  Indian community to take part in it. As the initiative was taken by West Bengal Wikimedians to provide an opportunity for Indic Wikimedians to be part of this, CIS-A2K supported them financially to provide gift cards and T-shirts for the top ten contributors of the event. This was one of the major events where 6,371 images were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Indic community. 

Case Study on Wikimedia in Education[edit]

This short study of the education programme at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, was undertaken between October 2019 to April 2020 to understand better some of the important aspects of the programme, including motivations, challenges and impact over the last several years. The methods for the study comprised of semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, namely students, faculty and community members along with the use of a detailed questionnarie. The research mainly focussed on the use of Wikimedia in the classroom and its challenges and possibilties. The analyis of data collected offered some interesting learnings on the structural aspects and changes in the programme over the last few years. It also presented some important observations on the need for skill-building with respect to faculty members and students, and ways of rethinking pedagogic strategies for using open educational resources and collaborative platforms like Wikimedia in regional languages.

Spending during this period[edit]

Expense Currency Budgeted Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Budgeted ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Percentage
to date
of variances
from plan
Conversion rate: Indian national rupees (INR) 1 → US$ 0.01408
1. Program Expenses
Program Director INR 192,000 - - 153,698 60,000 213,698 3,009 (21,698) 111%
Program Manager INR 720,000 305,285 309,979 100,000 196,497 911,761 12,838 (191,761) 127%
Program Officer (Communications & Documentation) INR 540,000 - 50,000 198,000 462,000 710,000 9,997 (170,000) 131%
Research officer INR 840,000 210,000 210,000 220,000 210,000 850,000 11,968 (10,000) 101%
Wikisource Advisor INR 504,000 102,000 102,000 102,000 174,000 480,000 6,758 24,000 95%
Wikidata Advisor INR 456,000 109,500 109,500 109,500 109,500 438,000 6,167 18,000 96%
Community Advocates INR 1,480,000 303,800 172,000 72,000 126,000 673,800 9,487 806,200 46%
Program Associate INR 420,000 108,000 108,000 120,000 - 336,000 4,731 84,000 80%
Research Intern INR 336,000 84,000 84,000 84,000 84,000 336,000 4,731 - 100%
Tech Advisor INR 540,000 - - - - - - 540,000 0% Underspent: We had not hired a Tech person for the grant year 2019-20, the existing team has tried to manage works. 
Volunteer support INR 1,200,000 111,827 363,244 79,449 94,088 648,608 9,132 551,392 54%
Staff travel & stay INR 250,000 54,450 88,782 204,053 - 347,285 4,890 (97,285) 139%
Events (includes Workshops and meet-ups) INR 1,200,000 169,278 584,068 265,856 86,517 1,105,719 15,569 94,281 92%
Digitisation INR 180,000 - - 11,918 92,897 104,815 1,476 75,185 58%
Skill building INR 600,000 - 46,711 551,943 21,133 619,787 8,727 (19,787) 103% Overspent: Increased number of skill-building activities has resulted in spending more than budgeted.
General Service & Support to the movement INR 720,000 - 6,867 49,162 295,661 351,690 4,952 368,310 49%
Creating movement resources INR 200,000 37,373 - 60,000 - 97,373 1,371 102,627 49% Undersdpent: Resources are created based on the community requests and only a few communities showed interest.
Miscellaneous INR 120,000.00 48,760 22,046 3,246 38,604 112,656 1,586 7,344 94%
Indian Wikimedians' Global Engagement INR 520,000 299,105 12,674 - - 311,779 4,390 208,221 60% Underspent: Due to cancellation of the Wikimania2020 and other events the expense is less than the budgeted.
CIS-A2K members Global Engagement INR 280,000 15,000 - 9,752 277,333 302,085 4,253 (22,085) 108%
Program Expenses Sub-total INR 11,298,000 1,958,378 2,269,871 2,394,577 2,328,230 8,951,056 126,031 2,346,944 79%
2. Operational Expense
Program Director INR 768,000 170,202 213,864 100,000 - 484,066 6,816 283,934 63%
Program Manager INR 480,000 - - 200,000 300,000 500,000 7,040 (20,000) 104%
Finance Officer INR 696,000 163,350 198,870 192,000 192,000 746,220 10,507 (50,220) 107%
Institutional development INR 1,874,483 246,913 341,060 230,387 1,049,385 1,867,745 26,298 6,738 100%
Equipment's and consumables (with license) INR 300,000 18,047 169,188 - - 187,235 2,636 112,765 62%
Operational Expenses sub-total INR 4,118,473 598,512 922,982 722,387 1,541,385 3,785,266 53,297 333,207 92%
Total INR 15,416,473 2,556,890 3,192,853 3,116,964 3,870,891 12,737,598 179,345 2,678,875 83%


  1. This list does not include "supported events" venues.
  2. Pabal is in the neighborhood of Pune city, however it comes under a separate administration, and is not a part of Pune city, that's why we have counted it as a separate footprint.