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CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the discussion page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.

This page contains a list of terms, phrases and abbreviations commonly/frequently used in CIS-A2K reports and documents.

  1. A2K: Access to Knowledge
  2. A2K 2.0: Redesigned A2K program. Program Associates (language representatives) are to be selected by the communities;
  3. Bangalore office: CIS Bangalore, India office located at 194, 2nd II Stage, Indiia, 2nd C Cross Rd, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071 (see map)
  4. CA: Community Advocate. Program Associate (see PA) was renamed to CA
  5. ALC: Andhra Loyola College, a college in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
  6. CIS: Centre for Internet and Society
  7. CIS-A2K: Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge
  8. CU: Christ University
  9. ED: Executive director, Sunil Abraham
  10. KRA: Key responsibility area/Key result area
  11. ML: Mailing list
  12. MWT: MediaWiki Training
  13. PA: Program Associate
  14. PD: Program Director
  15. PO: Program Officer
  16. PM: Program Manager
  17. TAW: Train-a-Wikipedian
  18. TTT: Train-the-Trainer
  19. WEP: Wikipedia Education Program
  20. WMF: Wikimedia Foundation
  21. VP: Village pump