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Everyone struggles (with FLOSS) When we are learning something new, it is common to face a few challenges. Those challenges can bring insecurity, doubt and the feeling that you are not enough. In this case, it is important to take a step back, breathe, and realize that, although it is perfectly normal to feel this way, your fear should not paralyze your actions: keep going forward!

During the Outreachy applicant contribution period, my first task was to document minimum tech requirements for two FLOSS platforms, but as someone who had never dealt with open source before, I did not know what FLOSS meant. If you are like me at the time, let me clear things out for you: FLOSS is an acronym for "Free/Libre and Open Source Software", which is exactly the kind I was starting to document. After a few search results about dental floss I finally found out the meaning and everything made sense.

I took some lessons from this really simple experience. First of all, you do not have to know everything, just keep yourself humble and be open to learning. But most importantly, you can go far if you put effort into what you do, always trying to expand your knowledge and get better as an intern/student/professional and as a person.

Wikimedians and organizations in Wikimedia have different practices of developing (like central MediaWiki software for wiki making) and using existing FLOSS for other work, that is mapped on FLOSS-Exchange page. My focus in the first tasks were FLOSS meeting platforms tech requirements. I will go back to this and more in next weeks and hopefully help reduce struggles with FLOSS adoption both on user end, as well as event organizer side...hopefully making us better at FLOSS use as a Wikimedia movement.